dawn of spring

it's been a quiet weekend around here. the school year is coming to a close and the temperature is creeping up from winter's brief visit. some time in the last few weeks, green has taken over the yellow and new life has revealed itself everywhere - even in the gnats taking over our apartment.

spring always brings with it a sense of renewal for me, more than the beginning of a new year. maybe it's the way we're able to breathe deep again or the return of our skin feeling the sun's rays. i'm not sure. i do know there seems to be a whole lotta possibilities out there that didn't exist even two weeks ago, and this is exciting and nerve wracking and smile inducing. i'm not sure where we'll be even a month from now - what we'll be doing, how we'll be living, whether or not we'll be parents or still waiting. but in this moment? with the sun setting through my window and summer beckoning in the giggles of kids returning from the pool, i'm just thankful. thankful for how He's restored me, thankful for how He's restoring me, and thankful for what He's yet to restore...

counting gifts...

0101 :: evenings by the pool with friends 0102 :: constant reminders of not only His love, but His pursuit of me 0103 :: iced coffee made-ready by my love 0104 :: new TOMS 0105 :: continued support from community as we wait for baby Ramirez 0106 :: weekend naps in his arms 0107 :: seeing his confidence in me when i look in his eyes 0108 :: laughter 0109 :: the possibilities spring brings 0110 :: early morning conversations with the One who knows my heart


what are you thankful for today? 

Posted on April 29, 2012 .