saving the world

a few months ago, i came across a blogger who seemed to echo my heart. her name is brandy, and she calls her space brandyglows. recently, she released an eBook called the co-conniver's guide to saving the world

{i know. i love the name, too.}

i read it quickly and her words stuck with me. she asks a lot of hard questions - questions that force you to stop and think. and when i realized i wouldn't be able to answer these questions with a simple journal entry in my moleskine, i knew i'd need to dive into it here. so for now, on wednesdays, i'll be going over some of what brandy talks about in her book.

you can go ahead and get it, too - it's completely free. download your copy here.

and until next week, i'll leave you with an answer to her first question: what does shalom restored mean to you? 

shalom restored. the words alone leave a breath of hope - swift, immediate and healing. i imagine endless sunrises painting the sky in shades with no name. i imagine no fear, no worry, no shame and no secrets.

i imagine love.

shalom restored gives me the possibility of reconciliation. nothing is meant to be broken forever. the years of the locusts will be restored. the heat of the night always gives way to the release of dawn.

the picture of shalom restored makes me brave. i feel the earth tremble beneath me and i know this means new beginnings, a turning over of the old. as c.s. lewis once said, the road before me holds so much more good than the road that's already behind.

and as my tribe of secret rebels say, i know it's time to choose me. that in this choosing, there is no selfishness or deceit but glory renewed. the glory He first breathed into me when i inhaled hope for the first time.

what does shalom restored mean to you? tell us in the comments. give yourself five minutes and just write...don't edit. 

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Posted on April 3, 2012 and filed under co-connivers, this-here blog.