the differing levels of {abiding}

i'm beginning to learn the different levels of my word for this year. there is the immediate level :: the one where i learn to stop and rest. 

there is the spiritual level ::  the one where i learn to {abide} in His presence and let Him love me.

and then there's the relational level :: the one where i'm learning to not run away from intimacy.

this past week, i received a letter in the mail. filled with glittery stars and scraps of paper waiting to be pasted together for #secretmessages, the note encouraged me to be brave and reminded me others were praying.

and then thursday morning, on the brink of an emotional free-fall, i received an e-mail that was so life-giving i sat in my car with tears running down my cheeks and read it over and over and over - soaking in the words until i believed them myself.

this is just the beginning. on friday, we found out we are officially home-study approved. our caseworker comes today for us to sign some papers. we never anticipated this part of the process to move so quickly, and we've been overwhelmed by the response of others praying for us - encouraging us in the next step.

part of me wants to say, "no! no...don't worry about it. honest. we'll be okay."

but i'm learning this year the layers of {abiding} are thick and trust is a beautiful thing.

counting the gifts...

0081 :: the sparkling of stars falling out of an envelope from a mentor 0082 :: a short work week when exhaustion was inevitable 0083 :: seeing my brother grow into a man before my eyes 0084 :: the phone call letting us know our biggest hurdle with the adoption is over 0085 :: feeling the prayers of friends over us 0086 :: His provision when we weren't anticipating it 0087 :: being reminded of His resolution -  His pursuit of me when i don't pursue Him 0088 :: evenings spent with friends 0089 ::  a much needed coffee date 0090 :: finding spare moments of rest in the midst of craziness

what are you thankful for today? 

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