co-connivers :: we are reconcilers

this is part of my series on brandy walker’s eBook saving the worldcheck out the rest of the posts here i first saw the video posted on facebook. at first, you're not sure what you're watching. i've heard of these windows in amsterdam. i've heard of the women beckoning men through the glass, scantily clad, promising a good time.

i also knew the implications of these brothels and trafficking.

it's less than two minutes, but it only took two minutes to completely break me. the girls break into a flash mob dance, the men looking on in hunger. once the dance ends, you hear whistles and clapping and hollering...until a sign above the girls lights up and reveals truth.

every year, girls are promised a dancing career but end up here. stop the traffick.

and then there's silence.



the first time i watched it, i crawled into our bathtub and wept. the situation was all too real to me - the injustice blatantly in front of me.

i knew i'd just intersected with my purpose.

in dan allender's book to be told, he says that our greatest pain within the story God's written for us will point to our greatest purpose in life. i've known this for awhile. i've even experienced it. there's nothing that gets me more ruffled than hearing of girls or women taken advantage of...

but this video? it did something. it rooted deep and rearranged all i had organized in my heart. knocked a few "important" things off the list in order to settle in nice and snug toward the top. it snuck in so quickly and unobtrusively that it's been weeks for me to even be able to find words to describe the experience.

what i know is this :: our purpose, our dreams, they aren't meant for us alone. we didn't find ourselves in this moment so we could be self-serving. our passions, our talents, our leanings, they all point to Him.

we have been reconciled so we can turn around and be reconcilers. 

think of your gifts. think of what angers you - where you find you just can't stay silent.

where are you called to reconcile? 

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