to be a dragon-slayer

know this :: when you begin following your calling, your true calling, there will be naysayers. the loudest voice? the one you can hear above all the whispers and questions? it will come from inside you.

no really.

second guessing is normal. doubting means you're moving - shaking things up a bit.

here's the key :: don't listen to it. 

you can't. if you do, the fear will strangle you. i know this. i've lived it.

i'm a perpetual second guesser. at dinner with russ, i'll hem and haw about what ifs and i think it's time buts...

when it all comes down to it, i can talk myself out of any decision. i'm that indecisive.

my best friend sent me a sword a few months ago. in the card she told me i could slay dragons with it. when i got it, i instantly thought pssh. no i can't. not these dragons....

i felt a little nudge in my spirit - you know that feeling. the slight correction from our Divine Madman. the whisper came quiet. oh Daughter. yes. if you only believed in you as much as I do. if you only saw the strength...

wait. me? can i? my heart started pounding in response - her own war dance in preparation of our battle.

yes...she joined in the whispers of the One who holds her hand when i've forgotten.

i've learned something over the past few months. you know when you're listening to the wrong voices. you get angsty. confused. dragons come out of nowhere and their fire-breath feels hot and your heart gets all blistery.

even your body responds. nervous stomach, headaches, exhaustion...

danielle laporte mentions in her book the firestarter sessions that the phrase "it just doesn't feel right" has been down-played by far too many people. i agree. i've also heard that the "gut feeling" we experience doesn't come from our actual gut but our brain.


so this brick wall of conflict you're experiencing....could it be a mirage? could it tip over with just the slightest touch? what would happen if you just tried to give it a little nudge?

sometimes, the man behind the curtain is just that -  a man behind the curtain. there are no monsters here. and if they do show up? {because they sometimes do, they're pesky like that}

you have what it takes to slay them.

Posted on May 15, 2012 .