all we need.

i'm sitting here at my desk reading and hearing sounds of revolution from the living room. russ is watching across the universe and i can't help but fight back those breaths that get all caught in your throat right before you cry when i hear let it be. i picture the little boy, singing in the church and my heart starts pounding to the beat of you say you want a revolution... yes. yes i do want a revolution. in so many ways.

there's something beautiful in the song of revolution.

perhaps it's the sense of other. perhaps it's the promise of a new beginning - once the smoke clears, and once you can take stock of your surroundings, there's a lot that can be salvaged. and everyone already knows that some of the world's most striking beauty comes seconds after the clearance of a wrecking ball.

ever since i can remember, the pulse of people joining together and throwing their heart and soul into change has moved me. chalk it up to my love of peace and the knowledge of what a few people are capable of doing. it's why i write. it's why i throw my words into this space and hope for something, anything, to stick to a soul or two.

here's the thing :: i'm realizing something. a lot of what breeds courage within me is seeing others take the step first. and here, within this space, i want you to see me take steps toward change. i don't ever want to grow stagnant.

blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly...

i've been thinking a lot about this space. i've been thinking of next steps and growing and facing some fears. and at times, it feels a little like i'm a horse breaking in new legs.

stumbling. taking a few steps. trotting a little only to fall.

but now? today? i feel myself settling in a bit. i feel the nervous pinging of yes! flow through my veins and i know i'm about to come across something magical. it's easy - in time, i know it's all about learning how to be you. 

and they were right you know. all we need is Love.

Posted on June 2, 2012 and filed under the {true} and the questions.