an {anti} marketing movement :: remembering art

I’m not sure when it happened, really. Somewhere between signing up for Twitter four years ago and publishing my first eBook, I began to hear more and more people mentioning this buzz phrase of creating your platform. Immediately I panicked. I’m no marketing maven. I don’t like selling myself {so to speak}. With a novel coming out, it was easy for me to go into this shock of wondering how in the world I would make it in the publishing world if I couldn’t even effectively pitch my work to family and friends.

Slowly, I started allowing myself to think outside of this bubble. Slowly, I started admitting to myself that some of my favorite authors and writers - women and men who spend their lives bent over double with words and faith and how these two intersect - marketing is almost a foreign word. You won't ever hear them talking about the importance of a great head shot or whether or not to enroll in kindle select or publish on iBooks. They just...create. They listen to the One who breathes through us if we let Him and the words flow freely. And you know what? People listen. People still buy their books. People still ask them to speak at conferences. Perhaps there's something to this waiting and listening and creating just to release it. No other reason. No ulterior motive.

And then suddenly, it hit me. Maybe we aren’t meant to market. Maybe...just maybe...our art can speak for itself. 

Which is precisely where my brain flipped over on itself. Seriously. Consider the implications of not worrying about whether or not you have enough followers||subscribers||fans or whether or not you effectively created a blog title that will ping Google analytics and what-have-you.

Imagine with me if you will :: people actually working on their art because they love it. People tapping into their natural gifts because they want to bless others - not build a platform or become famous or sell a million copies.

I bet you something miraculous would happen.

I bet you eventually, numbers just won’t matter anymore.

I bet you start creating more than you thought imaginable. 


...come. let us remember....

Starting tomorrow, let's join together. Write a post, paint a picture, pen a poem - whatever you do, do it for you. Do it to remember why words pulse in your veins even when you try to forget. Do it to figure out the messy middle of faith and creativity. Just don't do it for numbers. 

Come back here and bring your link. We'll share our art with each other and remember together.

Posted on June 3, 2012 and filed under remembering art, this-here blog.