secret messengers of the deep.

i'm back from the beach, my hair still sporting the windswept look of braving the waves.

when we were packing for the trip, i told russ that i was leaving my laptop. i knew he'd bring his and it was just one more thing, really. besides, i had my journal and i'd probably write in that a whole lot.

i wrote two paragraphs.

you know what, though? it was magnificent. 

i took pictures, but not nearly as much as i anticipated. i just, took it all in - every last piece of it. sometimes, it was the only thing i could do.

the night before we left, we went on a last minute sunset cruise. the sky was crystal when we headed to the pier, but by the time we left port i began to wonder if we'd get much of a sunset - clouds were making their way across the horizon.

very quickly though, the clouds moved away and the sky began turning colors.

our captain was a marshlands biologist and kept giving us facts about the birds nesting and the various bays and the only thing i could do was just stare at the sky and stare at the water and get lost in the wonder of it all.

then i heard whispers from the top deck - little kids' voices reaching fever pitch. our captain leaned into his microphone and said, "ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have some visitors on our cruise today."

and it was if they came to whisper secret messages just for me because suddenly i became so overwhelmed with the perfection of the evening.

have i ever told you dolphins are my favorite?

they are.

and i wasn't looking to see dolphins on this cruise - we'd tried to get on the dolphin tour for the following morning but they didn't have enough people for a tour so they placed us on the sunset cruise. the captain even told us not to expect seeing dolphins because they feed in the morning and are pretty much lazy in the afternoon - "but maybe? maybe you'll see one or two?"

and before we even knew what happened, we stumbled into about five or six swimming around us, wanting to know what was going on. we were all so enamored with these beauties swimming and disappearing only to resurface that we almost forgot the sun setting on the horizon. i glanced up and the whole sky seemed on fire.

we almost missed the whole thing. when the lady on the phone asked us if we wanted her to put us on the list for that evening, we had 30 minutes to get to the pier. we questioned it for a few seconds. is it worth it? we were headed to dinner, but decided to turn around and get food after the cruise. and as the sun began to set and the water started glowing, i leaned into russ and whispered i'm so glad we came.

and he squeezed my shoulder, kissed my temple and smiled.

Posted on June 27, 2012 .