on turning 30.

for the past few weeks, you've heard some of my closest friends share moments of bravery. today i turn 30. 

in some ways, i wish there was more time to cross things off my list. i didn't complete everything, and the perfectionist inside - the good girl who needs everything tidy - doesn't like the mess.

but i know the truth. i know the gentle nudge that prompted me to write the list is the same that speaks to me still today. i know if it weren't for His whispers, i never would have accomplished finishing my novel, publishing my eBook, piercing my nose, getting another tattoo, reading 100 books, quitting my job, or traveling to california on a road trip with my best friend.

but i did all these things, many of them i never thought possible.

and i know there's only more to come because He's the One who builds these dreams inside me.

and so i make another list, knees shaking just as much as they did when i hit publish a year ago. if there's one thing i've learned, it's that He is faithful.

but these are My words…He reminds me, and i set my shoulders stiff and step firm.

My 50 before 31 {in no particular order}

1. wait to purchase another book before reading all the ones on my bookshelves i have yet to read

2. pay off our credit card debt

3. pay off one student loan

4. go to the STORY conference

5. visit france

6. find a spot that makes my pulse race and scream for the first time. ever.

7. be a mama

8. redesign eloranicole.com

9. get another tattoo

10. complete my second novel

11. build a fire pit on the beach

12. lose 50 lbs

13. read through the Bible

14. go on a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway with russ

15. grow my Facebook page to 1000 people {read :: i want to meet new people not hey i wanna be famous}

16. speak at a blogging/writing conference

17. read Narnia series

18. read Jane Eyre

19. read Wrinkle in Time series

20. visit Nashville

21. visit NYC

22. finish eBook on story

23. publish eBook on story

24. read another 100 books

25. meet Teresa

26. meet Mandy

27. visit Portland

28. complete our adoption puzzle fundraiser 

29. go on a creative weekend get-away with just me

30. finally update my glasses

31. go on a secret rebel club retreat

32. visit with Rain

33. start an art journal :: 7/18/12 - started my first art journal. title? "how i found jubilee" - it's perfect. really.

34. finish the pages in my sketch book

35. complete the Stone's gospel counseling course

36. run for 3 miles straight

37. go on another adventure with Prudy

38. invest in another computer

39. write a children's book for my little love 

40. go on a family vacation - just me, russ, and our little love.

41. complete life is a verb with my bff

42. work through the true and the questions

43. hit the NY Times bestseller list

44. actually complete the 30 day shred

45. write our adoption story

46. go on a hot air balloon ride

47. find a literary agent

48. surprise a friend

49. start french classes

50.visit california

Posted on July 25, 2012 .