for when you're overwhelmed

484505_10151995021680004_755567247_n sometimes, God just takes you by the hand and whispers hold on....

this has been my past week. moments of deep breaths and skipping hearts, of hitting "send" when what i really want to do is just go crawl under a rock, of closing my eyes and wiping the tears from a piece of art on page that appeared out of prayer.

and so, really, the only way i know how to process this week is through the thanks. i feel the need to mark it down - to lay my stones by the river so i always remember.

0111 :: signing a contract with lit agent Darrell Vesterfelt 0112 :: finding more and more of this artist heart 0113 :: feeling the brave pulse (and not hiding!) by sending Come Alive out to readers for review 0114 :: afternoon conversations with my love in the coffee shop 0115 :: sending another check to our adoption agency 0116 :: gathering with those who know my heart and pray for my words 0117 :: whispering ideas with my best friend 0118 :: finding a treasure cove of future art journals at a local bookstore 0119 :: figuring out my rhythm as an artist - a writer, a painter, a dreamer 0120 :: knowing what it's like to wake up rested

and so i continue to rest in that pulse of bravery - refusing to hide.

tell me, what are you overwhelmed with thanks for today?


Posted on August 10, 2012 .