heart whispers from the week of august 13

it's been a week of monumental movement. i really can't say much more than that, but i'm realizing there's an element of awakening happening in so many of those i consider my tribe. on monday, i etched into my art journal :: once you wake, can you wake again? and again? i know the answer without even having to write it down. i will though. i need to - i see this now.

i look to others - finding pieces of myself in their words. a lot of purpose in suffering, a lot of pulling off and shredding masks, a lot of head nods toward Beauty and Truth. all of it worth collecting.

posts i loved :: 

Preston Yancey's The Cliche's are True at Prodigal Magazine -

If they denied my visa, I had made some arrangements.

God, with the Go and I shall show you, I, with the Just in case, here’s this.

I would move back to Waco, take a flat downtown. I would write my books.

In October, I’d fly to Italy, meet a friend working on archaeological dig, co-author something—article, manuscript—about the mosaics in Ravenna.

Seth Haines' Be Transfigured -

When he finished, I put words to the practicalities of that kind of theology. “The way I see it, there are two God-options. Either God is completely and all-together good–whether in loss or victory–or He is heedless and improvident.”

Nish Weiseth's about a girl -

I wonder who she’ll become. Will she be creative, adventurous, and wild? Will she be quiet and calm and serene? Will she sleep in like her brother does? Will she be a snuggly baby? All of these unanswered speculations and questions start to bubble to the surface and my heart leaps a bit. I’ll get to see it all unfold, firsthand. There’s a magical wonder in watching a child become the person they were created to be… in watching the personalities grow. 

Kait Wright's Debunking the "Only Men are Visual" Myth at Good Women Project -

I don’t know where leaders in our communities got the notion that us chicks aren’t affected by similar things that so obviously haunt men, but I must say – it was an irresponsible assumption. Yes, we are complex creatures, and to varying degrees are influenced by kindness and loving tendencies when it comes their promotion of our libido. But to turn a blind eye to an unacknowledged ingredient in our wiring is beyond just unwise. In fact, it’s doing criminal-level damage.

Bethany Suckrow's Permission to Grieve. Love, Santa Claus -

Do I need permission? How do I give it to myself? How do I let others give it to me appropriately, without depending on it to the point where I am immobile without it? How do I help someone else understand that they have permission to be who they are, emotions and words and tears and all?

Mandy Steward's Stay Focused -

Whenever I listen to that pukey feeling and ask it why it’s there I am comforted to find it is there to remind me I’m a dream chaser. It is not there to remind me of how I’m screwing up. It is there to remind me I know precisely what I would like my next baby step to be. There is a fire in my belly that knows what it knows and the nausea is because I know I’m getting shoved out of the nest onto the next. But the next is mine to own! The next is a step toward MY dream, if I choose it to be so.

songs inspiring me ::

katy perry's wide awake -

I'm wide awake Yeah, I am born again Outta the lion's den I don't have to pretend And it's too late The story's over now, the end

a fine frenzy's stood up -

Steel and concrete break Beneath the steady waves Of fearless hope and grace In kindness there is strength

soundtrack to beasts of the southern wild

books i'm reading :: 

"It's there, in the agony of those moments, that we get the first glimpses of just what it looks like for God to take all of our trauma and hurt and disappointment, all those fragments lying there on the ground, and turn them into something else, something new, something we never would have been able to create on our own." - Rob Bell's Drops Like Stars

"There had been so many things I hadn't allowed myself to see, because if I fully woke to the truth, then what would I do? How would I be able to reconcile myself to it? The truth may set you free, but first it will shatter the safe sweet way you live." - Sue Monk Kidd's The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

and finally, an older post from me - desert heat

and i realized what it would take for me to feel truly alive. i need to feel. anything, really. i need to stare those monsters in the face and scream and beat on His chest and cry and ask why and fall into His arms with exhaustion. i need to laugh uncontrollably and allow the tears to fall down my cheeks and i need to grab my aching side and gasp for breath.


what's inspiring you?

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