heart whispers from the week of august 20

i started this week with a whisper - my inner voice all hoarse from screaming. but now, on the tail end of another seven days gone, i feel a little like shouting and a lot like throwing up and all of this is very, very good. today is a very important day for us.

i promise to tell you why soon, but until then, the words and songs that struck me this week. i'd love to hear what met you where you are - leave your best post or the most inspiring song in the comments?

posts i loved :: 

Sarah Bessey's In which I radically stay put -

The years go by and I become more and more aware of my pioneer lineage, I understand the pull west better, I feel suffocated without a bit of a space, without an early morning walk beside the yarrow patch, I need the north, and I need the west in a way that veers towards the mystical, which is just fine to a Holy Spirit adoring tongue talker like me. The pull of it all is somewhere under my skin, and I am always drawn to the open air.

Andrea Levendusky's Parenting the Quiet and the Wild -

For a moment, I feel it. The now-moment. The undocumented moment that is sure to slip away just as soon as I notice it. That steady river that seems to come into the room from the dark, bouncing along her fairy lights, into her bed where she closes her eyes, and her panicked grip against me loosens and rests. And at first feel of her sleep, I don't push to move back into the grown-up room. I lay still, I lay quiet, I think of nothing, except for a room becoming a forest and a child who is full of wild.

D.L. Mayfield's Assimilate or Go Home: Dispatches from the Stateless Wanderers: The Year of Jubilee on McSweeney's -

Jesus tells me what I already know, what I don’t want to believe. In order to do anything worthwhile, we must all be crushed into wine, mixed up with each other, enmeshed and entangled and bruised. This was never about saving anyone; it was about all of us, equally, being redeemed.

Hannah Brencher's Allow me to reintroduce myself (some rapper gets the credit for that one)

And this white space of mine, this corner of the internet, was always made to have walls.

Christmas lights spanning the interior. Coffee always dripping in the kettle. Crepes hot & fresh on fresh pottery. A spot for conversation. A nook for the days when the rain just ain’t stopping. A place to dwell in words that have only learned to pray their lettered limbs be like lanterns you.

Addie Zierman's I Survived My 20's - Depression on Devotional Diva -

The rocks and the rapids, the sadness, the fear. I mean that for a little while in there, I gave up. I stopped trying to swim, gave myself up to the wild river, and still, somehow I found myself waterlogged but alive. Safe on the Rock.

Prudence Landis' From the Edge of the World -

I sat on the edge of the world last month.  Right there on the edge watching as the sun drowned herself in the blackness of the Pacific Ocean.

songs inspiring me ::

eisley's ambulance -

I need an ambulance I took, I took the worst of the blow Send me a redeemer Let me know if I'm gonna be alright Am I gonna be alright? 'Cause I know how it usually goes I know how it usually goes

edward sharpe's All Wash Out -

One more for forgiveness Twisting in the cold Singing love, love is something I believe in Too much my defenses Are dangling from the chain Oh but free, free is something to believe in

books i'm reading :: 

"Whenever the word darling was used in our home, it was code for 'steel thyself, child - we are about to have a life-altering conversation.'" - Ian Cron's Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me 

"I would describe myself like a landscape I've studied at length, in detail; like a word Im coming to understand; like a pitcher I pour from at mealtime; like my mother's face; like a ship that carried me when the waters raged." - Rilke's Book of Hours 

and finally, an older post from me - the day i held my words

when russ got home, he asked me where my book was – he wanted to hold it. he opened it, closed it, glanced at the cover and turned it over to read the back. his fingers brushed over my name on the spine. he looked at me and gave me the smile that drives me absolutely crazy and whispered these are your words. 


tell me -- what's inspiring you this week?

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