heart whispers from the week of august 6

you know those moments when you're reading a post or a book and it's like they've taken the words from deep inside your chest and placed them on the page before you? it's almost like your heart whispers to their own and immediately there's a sense of rightness in you reading. as if they wrote it just for you. sometimes it happens in songs, too.

i've been wanting to create a compilation every week of what stirs me. a mixture of posts, links to songs, maybe even a quote or two from a novel or book i'm reading. and i thought, why not start today?

posts i loved :: 

Addie Zierman's The Mad Season -

You don’t choose this Angry Place with its concrete walls and shards of glass. Not at first. You just find yourself here one day, and it is cold and dark and lonely.

And if someone won’t go down there with you, won’t let you rant, let you rage, let you be where you’re at, then you find yourself stuck. If someone’s not in there to give you a boost when you’re ready to climb out…then you stay there for too long. It starts to turn your heart cold.

Emily Maynard's Modesty, Lust and My Responsibility at Prodigal Magazine -

Though the trappings varied, the lectures and conversations were always essentially the same: people talked about what girls were wearing and how the act of putting on clothes in the morning could radically change what boys were thinking. There were endless options for violations and validations in Modesty-land, depending on the exact situation and circumstances. It didn’t take long for me to absorb the idea that I wasn’t a person with a body, I was an outfit with the power to control the morality of men.

Prudence Landis' A New Day -

During the sprint to get the site finished I raved over and over to Shawn how much I love everything.  I surprised myself with a few things…the bright pink for one.  I’m not much of a pink girl but it fit and worked so well I can’t imagine another color replacing it.

Preston Yancey's fear of being abandoned -

In the mid-60s the term was quarter life crisis. We use it still, though I have never found it adequate. Perhaps it’s the postmodern or millennial influence in me–we are never not that which we come from, no matter how hard we strive–but I want my tension to have a kind of uniqueness. I would extend the same consideration to you: your moment of heaviness, your curling up on the bed and ignoring the phone, would not be termed.

Lore Ferguson's ADOPTION as SONS from Sayable -

I have friends who struggle with their womb’s inability to make, hold, and keep a baby inside them. I have sat across from them and I have heard their cries, the cry of a mother who feels less a mother because she has no child to mother. And I have felt that angst in me too. Singleness brings with it a form of barrenness, though we won’t say that of course. We won’t say that because only the married should expect to have progeny, seed.

Mandy Steward's that damn mirage of a god at a deeper story.

Suddenly it feels very apropos to thunder my own shocks of “I will die for my own sins, thanks a lot. We’ll rise up ourselves, thanks for nothing at all.” And the adrenaline that flows along with it, might just be enough to keep me from a fear-induced paralysis.

songs inspiring me ::

mumford & sons' new single, i will wait 

raise my hands, paint my spirit gold bow my head, feel my heart slow... i will wait for you.

jars of clay's love will find us

These orphan hearts will find a home Run to these arms, be not alone Light is leading, love will find us all

imagine dragons, demons

When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide

books i'm reading :: 

"She was not raised to trust easily. It's why matters of faith trouble her so" - Deborah Harkness' Shadow of Night

"I returned to paint upon the altars those old holy forms, but they shone differently, fierce in their beauty" - Rilke's Book of Hours

"He couldn't not-know once he knew, he couldn't not-see once he saw" - Patti Digh's Life is a Verb


tell me :: what's whispering to you this week?

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