hints of change.

2012-08-17 18.12.18 we fled the scene on friday afternoon.

wednesday night, i researched local escapes. it was a lesson (challenge? test? practice?) in following my intuition. i just couldn't shake our need to leave everything behind and just be - no schedule, no stress, no deadlines.

i reserved the room on thursday and we left town friday - the air already giving hints of a change of season.

when we got to the hotel, our standard room with no view was mysteriously bumped to a suite with a balcony. i stood in the middle of our room, turning circles and shaking my head. everything - and i do mean everything - seems to glow with a hint of His hand. even hotel reservations.

it was His whisper, you know, that compelled me to even do this.

so we turned in toward each other for a few days, talking and laughing and driving and exploring. it was saturday afternoon, cuddled together on the too-big-for-us-king-size, when i looked at him and muttered, "russ. this could be our last weekend away with just us." my hands started gripping his shoulders a little tighter. my heart started beating a little faster.

he grew quiet and looked me in the eyes, "i'm okay with that..." he said softly.

we soaked up the rest of our time away - driving slow down roads and stopping on a hillside just to get a shot of the rolling green in the distance. we held hands and walked down the gravel mixed with grass as cars sped by, in a hurry for the next appointment, and for just a few moments i felt suspended in time - just me and him, floating. this is where i realized how much i love being on this adventure of life with him. he's the only person who can get me to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, breathe deep the hill-country air and take a picture of the beauty).


2012-08-19 11.47.36

and it was here i fell in love with him all over again, because while we both covet time alone with the other, we know in our bones the time for sharing has come. we don't know when, we don't know how. but just like the cooler breeze brushing against our cheeks and arms on the drives in the hill country hint at a change in temperature, there is movement in and around us. hints of change. color deepening and wave calming - it's the only way i know to describe it.

so for now, we can't look the other one in the eyes without that knowledge forming like a secret between us. a chain rustling and pulling taught, keeping us joined. one day, our two will become three. until then, we wait - eyes on each other, whispered secrets in the dark.

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