come alive :: the launch team

179236336 Come Alive releases in thirteen days.

That's less than two weeks.

For the past three years, I've fostered this story - letting it grow, allowing it room to breathe, pruning it back only to let it bloom again. And now it's time for me to give it away.

Surprisingly, this part has nothing to do with writing.

For the next few weeks, I'm working furiously to get the word out about my book. I'm realizing it takes a lot more than just one person standing up on her virtual soapbox begging for people to buy her words in order for a book to do well. It takes a team.

(Here's where you come in, dear reader.)

I'm launching a team to promote Come Alive and I would love for you to join. The specifics?

By signing up, you'll receive ::

  • a free digital copy of my novel
  • an invitation to a conference call with my agent and myself where we brainstorm ideas about marketing and talk about the release of the book
  • access to a private facebook group where I will be available to answer questions and you will be able to network with other members
  • a personal Skype call
  • opportunity to guest post here on the blog
  • lots and lots of cool points. lots.

What I'll need from you ::

  • a review of Come Alive on amazon and/or your blog
  • on September 18, a massive and unabashed tweeting and facebooking and pinning - getting the word out about the novel in any way possible. Shoot. I'll even support sidewalk chalking.
  • all of your creative juices and marketing power joined into one brilliant push for Come Alive's release
  • any and all ideas. even the silly ones. even the big ones...especially the big ones.
How do you join? Well. I'm only taking thirty people. So, if you're interested (and I really hope you are) fill out this form by midnight tomorrow and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
Posted on September 5, 2012 and filed under story.