heart whispers for the week of august 27

to say i've been quiet this week is an understatement. i feel like my days are running together. i think i've written in a few of the manuscripts i'm working on, and when i go to look, the word count is the same. i have these seasons every now and then - when the words seem too sacred to throw them on a page. almost as if they need to simmer a little longer. could be days, could be weeks...for now, i throw myself into prepping for come alive's launch - building a team, brainstorming marketing, trying to stay sane through it all. i have ideas rolling around my heart, though.

then there's this piece of magic happening in no more than nine weeks. and well. those butterflies are edging their way into the sides of my soul - flapping their wings and making me all jittery with nerves.

i've read, though - and i've tucked words deep inside. here are some of my favorites. share what's inspired you this week in the comments?

posts i loved ::

Mandy Steward's Parking My Instinct in the Driveway of Adventure -

You see I have this spot in the back of my neck, right between my shoulder blades and that is where all the have-to’s and the in-your-best-interest’s and the you-must’s form a coven and dance around a bubbling cauldron of responsibility. And when I want to break up the lynch mob and see them scatter for shelter, all I have to do is uncork a magic potion of “I don’t give a rat’s ass,” which is more eloquently named, ADVENTURE, and dump it into that cauldron when they’re not looking.

Ed Cyzewski's When I Started to Hear Voices at Prodigal

I get so fixated on what God thinks of me, what I believe

—and whether my faith can handle the possibility that God may not show up when I pray. I forget that hearing God speak through prayer is the key to knowing when to step out in faith and to take risks, especially for the sake of others.

Katie Krongard's A Letter to My Daughter -

And, if you can help it at all, slow down just a little bit; you are growing too fast, and right now, my little heart feels fragile. The thought of this time never existing again is completely mind-blowing emotional. Let’s both agree to just take a couple minutes, every single day, and just be. Breathing in the moment, and allowing ourselves to just be still.

Sarah Bessey's In which he wouldn't do anything different -

She’s a table top climber, she’s a for-the-fun-of-it shrieker, she’s a go-getter, a boundary-pusher, a look-you-in-the-eyes-right-while-you-are-saying-no-darling-and-do-it-anyway girl. I am always running with her, my mother thinks she’s a three-year-old trapped in a 16-month-olds body, and sometimes, when I see that intelligent and saucy look in her eyes, I’m inclined to agree. And then fast and pray about those pre-teen years, Lordhavemercy.

songs inspiring me :: 

Fun's All Alright -

and it's all alright yeah it's all alright i got nothing left inside of my chest but it's all alright

Needtobreathe's Slumber

Sing like we used to Dance when you want to Taste of the breakthrough And open wide

Matchbox Twenty's Push

she said "i don't know if i've ever been good enough i'm a little bit rusty - and i think my head is caving in and i don't know if i've ever been truly loved by a hand that's touched me and i think that something's gonna give... and i'm a little bit angry."

books i'm reading :: 

"The goal is not to create a Stepford child who complies, robot-like, to every instruction. Our goal as parents is to teach our child to thrive in society" - Dr. Karen Purvis' The Connected Child

"We discovered how to win boys by letting them open the pickle jar, whether it was too hard for us or not, and by asking boys questions we already knew the answers to" - Sue Monk Kidd's Dance of the DIssident Daughter

and finally, an older post from me - finding treasure

it would take three years for me to escape from that cloud of verbal and emotional abuse, and coming out i was gun-shy and held my shattered heart close to my chest. i never mentioned or thought about the pearl story because i simply didn’t believe it. even when russ & i started dating, even after my confidence grew and his belief put me back behind a microphone, i still waited for the harsh words. i still waited for the ignored phone calls and the snide remarks – for the comparisons and the control.


what words whispered to you this week?

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