heart-whispers for the week of September 24

What to say about this week? It started with the typical post-conference hangover and ended with a bunch of tears and a sore throat. And now, waking up on the other side of one of the hardest weeks we've experienced in awhile, I know there's grace somewhere. I may not see it now, I may not understand - but it's there. What I do know is the community He has blessed us with holds us together and lifts us up during moments we feel a little bit like falling apart. In these moments I see a tiny fracture of His grace freely given - and it makes it all a little easier to bear.

This week, the words came to me and hit deep. I'm clinging to them. Join me?

posts i loved :: 

Addie Zierman's City, Suburb and the Myth of Christian Art -

Anne Lamott comes up with her short dreadlocks and black cardigan and says, “I have an hour talk on everything I know about writing, and I have an hour talk on everything I know about faith, and they’re basically the same talk,” and this is what I’m thinking about when I walk the city sidewalks that night, eyes wide open, watching everything.

Seth Haines' God is Not Good Because -

In the waning worry of this season, I’ve come to a simple conclusion: you can sum God in simple self-help theologies that misapply words like “favor,” and “faith,” but when tragedies come calling, don’t expect comfort from your lowercase gospel. It won’t be there.

Saskia Wishart's These are the Eyes of the Awake on She Loves Magazine -

It is in those moments when the love is fully alive and fully awake. Spilling over and filling up all the dark corners, giving cover, giving decency, giving dignity in a place so indecent it should offend all my senses. Instead, love gives me the protection to laugh, and dance and not turn away.

Shawn Smucker's Where We are Moving (and Why I Blog) -

Yet as my own life continues, I find myself often afraid of that very calling. Or at least confused by it. Or full of doubt, wondering if I’m too conceited or self-obsessed – maybe I need to conform, to sit down, to stop speaking. What if, after encouraging people to live an adventurous life, my own journey comes to an untimely end? The last thing I want to be is yet another example of how taking risks is just another form of irresponsible living.

Arianne's On really being awake -

So I take a big deep breath and stretch my soul-sinew and this is how my life is too. I took a deep wound. And a heart wound is the slowest kind to heal — from the inside out. And then I had a period of sleep. Of quiet and rest. And I feel I’ve been waking up all these nearly 3 years now and am finally starting to feel a stride coming on. And I want to prepare to run. I’m ready to run. If I stay awake, oh how I want my heart to stay awake, I’ll be running soon.

songs inspiring me :: 

Patti Griffin's Waiting for My Child to Come Home -

If I only knew what town my child was in I'll be there on that early morning train And no matter what's crime Lord you know that this child is mine That’s why I'd be waiting for my child to come home

Sarah Macintosh's Hiding Place

There in the dark you see me Hidden from all You say my name You know and You see How I have cried and crumpled There at Your feet To soak You in Where You surround me

books i'm reading :: 

"A low distant hum, like passing under an electric wire after the rain and hearing the muted buzzing of danger above. A gritty taste in the air, like chalk in the back of your teeth, but worse" - Blaine Hogan's essay in Inciting Incidents

and finally, an older post from me :: we are the villain -

And so, indefinitely, we’ll root for the protagonist but we’ll hope for the villain.

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