help, i'm alive.


help, i'm alive. my heart keeps beating like a hammer - metric

Come Alive releases today.

And originally, I planned on waking up early and writing a post directing you to all the right links and telling you about how excited I am about the release but I didn't sleep well last night and to be perfectly honest, today my words have felt as if they've been sucked right out of my mouth.

But I'm here, and I really am excited. I went and had lunch with one of closest friends and while I was leaving her driveway, the UPS guy came and delivered my book. She made him stay - I watched her while laughing and shaking my head - she made him stay while opening the envelope and waving the book in my direction. I could see her pointing, see her lips forming, see the UPS guy turn and smile and laugh with her.

And I thought to myself, is this my life? 

A year ago, I took a hiatus from the blog. You may or may not remember, but I stepped away in order to learn creativity in rest as well as dive into editing the novel. During September last year, I was in constant contact with the marketing editor at Rhizome and he asked me some pretty pointed questions about my purpose for writing Come Alive. 

When it was over, when we covered all of the questions and the fall gave way to winter, I realized there was something pulsing deep inside - something I wanted out of this novel I never anticipated.

I wanted change.

Not the change most people would assume. YES - of COURSE I wanted to move others to act. I wanted them to understand the horrors others go through and be compelled to do something. But far more than this I wanted to change the hearts of those who know what it's like to live in Stephanie's world.

I wanted to offer hope.

So when we started tossing around ideas for marketing, I nearly jumped out of my skin when a friend mentioned a campaign that built community as well as promoted the book. The premise was simple: take a picture with "I'm alive" on your hand. Answer the question of why you're alive in the caption along with the amazon link to the novel and tag it #comealivebook - sharing it on all social networks.

I took it to my launch team, and now I'm inviting you. Sometimes, it's difficult to be alive. Sometimes, our life doesn't pan out the way we want and we imagine something completely different than our reality.

And sometimes, we're struck with the absolute magic of it all and celebrate.

This is one of those moments. Won't you join us?

I can't wait to celebrate with you.

Once you take your picture, make sure and tag the facebook page so we can share it and post it on the pinterest board as well. 

Posted on September 18, 2012 .