on my walls i would write

523144_10152086759190004_1452854332_n there's this closet in our apartment. we call it the harry potter closet because well...it's huge and could house a small boy if we needed it. right now though, it's my office and just above the curtain hiding wires and pretty lights you see handwriting scrawled all over the wall -

the Truth will wreck this place

i plastered it there a little over a year ago out of desperation. i craved Truth. needed it to wreck me inside out and back again.

and it did. it wrecked me right and good and helped me see Truth is far more powerful than fear.

so this morning, i wonder what else i would write on these walls. what else i need to keep close.

probably something like - 

you are right where you need to be in this moment. look for the magic and mystery - these are everywhere and ripe for the taking.

wait for the fire to speak. no expectation - no frustration. wait for the burning, the churning, the restlessness in your bones. you know this is your way and how He's crafted your heart and the only way your words will move mountains.

embrace this artist skin that's claimed you.

and baby, sometimes good things happen. no payment. nothing in return. remember this when you hold your little girl, when you see your book in others' hands, when you find a smile spread across your face.

your Father gives good gifts. gifts. 

just sit back and enjoy the ride. remember to abide. eventually, He'll whisper move and when it happens, you'll be ready.

tell me :: what would you write on your walls?

Posted on September 17, 2012 and filed under the {true} and the questions.