what i quit.

530226_10152113369030004_141235060_n A week ago, I released Come Alive.

The next day, I boarded a plane to one of my favorite cities in the world. I was there for STORY, a conference for the creative class. And while I never anticipated going to market my book, during the first session I suddenly found myself strapped with worry.

What if sales decrease? (they did.)

What if I have no time to publicize? (this is laughable, really.)

These questions and so many others began to pulse through my brain and then Bob Goff mentioned something about it being Thursday and that meant I needed to quit something and so right there, in the middle of the darkened auditorium, I quit my control.

At that moment, I decided to check out of "release" mode and check in to the speakers and people around me who, can I just say, filled me more than I ever imagined.

As best I could, I practiced staying present - and it worked. Last time I was at Story, I couldn't keep up with the twitter feed. This time, I couldn't tear myself away from the speakers. I retweeted a few things, thanked All Sons and Daughters for incredible worship and did the token instagramming. But overall, I listened. Now, I'm full to the brim with encouragement and challenges and ideas. And while this isn't as much of an update post like most have written, know I'm still sitting with a lot of the information given. It may take me awhile but I promise to share with you what I've learned.

Before the novel even released, my agent told me "Elora, this won't be a sprint. It will be a marathon." And when I looked at him in Chicago and told him my decision to not do anything over the course of the weekend, he repeated the phrase.

So I rest in this even now. In the moments where my life seems a little out of control and I'm wondering how everyone else does it, I remember all of the speakers challenging us not to compare ourselves to others. I remember the moment of feeling precisely what I needed to do and the freedom of letting go, if just for a little bit, the need to push.

Posted on September 25, 2012 and filed under creativity & rest.