heart-whispers for the week of October 8

There's a lot percolating right now. Thoughts of lies I've believed and ones I hold on to for comfort.

Questions of creative funks and whether or not writers' block even exists.

In the midst of it all, I see something rising amongst others - a pulsing, a waking, a fist-against-chest this won't happen any more declaration. And it moves me - causes me to stand up from my chair and look around and notice.

The stories - they're everywhere. The muse - He's not hiding. Sometimes I wonder if it's more me hiding from Him. More on this later, though. Right now, I need to celebrate those who've gone before me and spoken words from my heart.

posts i loved ::

Hannah Brencher's There will be them days

There will be them days when you’ll scrape the polish right off of your fingers. Freckles of Gold and Blue falling to the floor of the car. And you’ll look down at your hands in discouragement. What do you want of me? The question will sit in your throat. What am I here for?

Laura Parker's When You Didn't Sign Up for This on SheLoves Magazine

 I wanted to know from his voice and not from a constant stream of texts the stories, the details of what he experienced the previous evening in the wee hours of the morning.

He’d been out looking for underage victims of sex trafficking and, from the texts, I knew he’d found one. A girl named Joy. She was 16.

Sarah Bessey's In which God doesn't look the same anymore -

I felt angry at the main tent city. Angry with God, angry with the world, angry with my own self, how is this place even possible in our world, in 2012?  I could not bear the smell, the sights, the truth of this place, and I saw babies the age of my tinies there, naked, hollering HEY YOU snapping sass, and all of my carefully reasoned understandings about how everyone has a different calling and some of us are just called to different things than poverty relief and caring for orphans stank rank like heresy.

Prudence Landis' Someone You Know -

I sat there staring at the numbers in front of me….

1 in 35

Such a small number yet so hard to grasp the magnitude that exists in such a ratio.

1 in 35 people in Moldova are victims of human trafficking.

These numbers make me uncomfortable.  Make me sick to my stomach.  They leave me depleted.  They leave me ripped apart.

I think of the 84 people that work for our company and quickly do the math in my head that means at least two of my co-workers would be part of this statistic.

Jen Hatmaker's Mopping Haiti -

And something in my heart went…snap. I want to take the makeshift mop out of her tiny hands and break it into one million pieces. I want to scream and pull every hair out of my head. I want her to not be mopping the dirt outside of her filthy tent where she has lived for nearly two years. I want her not to be here in this terrifying place while my five babes are being tucked neatly into their safe, warm beds with their bellies full and our life the picture of security. I want her to stop mopping that damn dirt, because it is so futile and unfair and broken and everything, everythingabout this is wrong.

Katelyn Beaty's Today was supposed to be the day of my wedding on Prodigal Magazine

Rather, I know only to turn in prayer to the arms of Christ, because there, it seems, is the best place to mourn. There, my sadness is recognized by a Christ who says grief is like family to him.

songs inspiring me :: 

Mumford and Sons' Babel -

Cuz I know my weakness know my voice, but I believe in grace and choice And I know perhaps my heart is farce, but I’ll be born without a mask

Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack

books i'm reading :: 

“Her life was one endless loop that she raced around, with steep banked curves so she could never change or slow down. It just delivered her back to herself, over and over and over.” - Chris Cleave's Gold

"There's something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold." - Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl

and finally, an older post from me :: an {anti} marketing movement :: remembering art

Consider the implications of not worrying about whether or not you have enough followers||subscribers||fans or whether or not you effectively created a blog title that will ping Google analytics and what-have-you.

Tell me - what are some of your favorite posts from this week? 

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