heart whispers for the week of October 29

This will be a short one, since I'm in the midst of NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in a month) and will try and spare my words for that manuscript. But, there were some incredible words this week - ones I want to share. So today, the posts I loved ::  Sarah Bessey's In which I unveil my scientific writing process -

Right now, book writing feels as if I am in the middle of my first marathon, and I’m really regretting that I didn’t train in a more useful fashion. Or at least take up jogging. Instead, I’m cooking with a lot of butter.

Emily Freeman's glad hope from unpredictable hands -

It’s easy to think when you make space for God that things will take a truly spiritual turn. Sometimes I suppose that’s the case. But mostly, it’s still just me in an empty room with a stack of brochures I’m trying not to read.

Blanche Jacobson's growing pains -

My church retreat was this weekend. I went into it pretty angry with the Lord and took offense towards Him. I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t feel like He was protecting me. I didn’t feel Him at all. My worst fear is abandonment, and honestly I didn’t see that many other answers towards the situation.

Preston Yancey's to my future daughters [in honour of Rachel Held Evans]

Someday. It was the promise I made for you so very long ago. I said someday you would know that you must and shall go free, shall bear our Christ in the open fields and sing the redemption song among the wildflowers.

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