in which i have a writer's crush

I should be writing my novel. Either one of them would do - both have words clanging around in my head and I just can’t sort any of them out right now. And don’t tell me just write! It’ll come! Why do you think I’m writing a blogpost instead of participating in my wordcount for NaNoWriMo?


I thought since the words aren’t really coming, and I will probably have to trick them into appearing by doing some sort of silly this is what I want to write exercise circa Natalie Goldberg, I figured I could share with you an incredible read I just finished.

I suffered through a cold last week and when I am sick there’s really nothing I can do except read and watch trashy TV. Since I wasn’t really feeling the Dawson’s Creek vibe and I had Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) handy, I figured why not?



You guys. These books are good. And noticed I said books - plural - because I finished the first one in a day and a half and started reading the second one over the weekend while in Plano for my book signing. I wasn’t sure what I would think of the book because it’s paranormal fantasy and deals with angels in an interesting light. But holy cow Taylor’s writing is so impeccable.

I would find myself getting lost in the story and studying how she builds the characters and incorporates so many twists I never anticipated. I kicked myself numerous times because a few weeks ago, I went to her signing at BookPeople and hadn’t read the books yet. They captured my attention from the moment I saw them on Barnes and Noble’s site, but time and words and other books kept getting in the way and I really wish I would have read them before now so I could have gushed about how much I appreciate her writing.

Because, that wouldn’t be weird, right?

I wanted to let you know, though - these are books you need to check out soon. I have a feeling they’ll probably be made into movies, and you’ll want need to read them before you watch this story unfold on the big screen. And no, I’m not going to really tell you what the books are about because I want you to read them. Just think: quirky characters. Angels. Chimaera. Oh and wishes. Wishes are important, too.

Finally: I don't give reviews. Meaning, if I agreed to do every single review from every single author who contacts me, I wouldn't have a blog in which I could jot down my other thoughts pertaining to things un-bookish. That being said, for me to spend an entire post on one book, you know it's good.

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