on feeling centered amidst the crazy

23927_10152276655845004_1121383178_n At the end of October, I had no idea where I'd be in a few weeks. There was no overarching plot begging for me to write it, no inkling of a story outside of scenes that captured my attention.

But, almost as soon as the first of November came into view, a story started forming - something different than I ever anticipated and still something I struggle holding. This isn't Come Alive. Not even close. It's not even contemporary fiction. It's all together functioning as an other - a story demanding no boundaries. Which fits, really.

I'm almost 40,000 words deep, realizing there's a whole lot more to uncover. This story will force me into better writing.

And then there's the other thing I've taken on this month - the story coaching. It's almost as if my creativity said, "hey! I know - let's go crazy" forcing all of these ideas into fruition. When I published the Story Coaching page, I never anticipated anyone scheduling appointments. I definitely didn't think I'd have ten scheduled within the first few days. But I did, and I continue to get emails with people expressing interest. It's surreal.

So this has been my month - a little bit of practice sprinkled with a whole lot of whimsy. The novel writing and the story coaching, they go together. My days flow one into an another and at night, when I'm breathing deep and reflecting on what these past few weeks have meant for me, I'm overcome with a certain kind of peace. I feel like I've found a rhythm - a good one. And there are still days (like um...this past week) where it's a little more difficult to find words and I'd rather just sit in bed and read because why did I quit my job again? and how are we going to pay these bills?! and oh yeah writers make no money...

But it doesn't matter. Truly. I feel centered. Even in the crazy.

And speaking of story-coaching, I'm giving away a session! All you need to do is blog about it, tweet about it or facebook it (including the link and tagging me in some way so I know). On Wednesday I'll announce the winner. xo. 

Posted on November 24, 2012 .