the land of what if.

There's something magical about the writing process. I've been largely absent here because of participating in NaNoWriMo and once again I'm stumped by just how much characters take control of the writing when you embrace fiction so whole-heartedly. Here's a {rough} portion of the novel I'm working on now. It's fun and unlike anything I've ever written. Yet, now that I've developed the characters (five days in) and know the conflict (eight days in) I can see how some of my past experiences are etching their way into the writing...which is good too. Imagination is nothing without our prior experiences lifting it up to the land of what if...

Sometimes, in your dreams, you can see trees and their leaves pink with fire but not burning. There are whispers of this here - in our world. It could be the way a sunrise takes on an extra-ethereal glow. Almost iridescent in nature, you’re forced to watch as the sun takes control of the sky. Sometimes, it’s the way a new mother looks at her child - protective, full of love, a glimpse of her nature shines in the way her eyes pulse with new breath. 

It could even be a shadow crossing your path. If you blink - it’s gone.

It’s in the middle of these currents that you must run toward them and the beauty seen. 

All it takes is belief. Embracing the dark and light - the hidden and seen. 

Lately though, these whispers are hard to hear and even more difficult to find.

These dreams are difficult to remember unless you’re in them. Or rather - unless you’re there, in this other world where Beauty exists so freely.. It’s difficult to explain, perhaps the pink leaves give it away, but these dreams seem as if they exist in another world. A world where one can be both loner and connector. 

Human and…other.

Perhaps soul? 

Maybe just…whole. 

You and…you - complete and fully alive.

Somehow, somewhere, there’s another world calling.

Perhaps this seems fanciful or unbelievable - but it’s honest and true. All it takes it the breath of one who knows for you to remember what it’s like to see the entire picture. So it’s here and there - this world and the other. Some walk in both and others try to claim their space without really understanding how to get there. They fight, they flirt, they believe they can get there by their own power and control. 

And beauty suffers. 

This is the story of those who know fighting those who do not know. It’s the story of beauty and what happens when we become fully Whole.

And here's the biggest secret of it all :: fairy tales are true. Are you ready to believe?

Posted on November 9, 2012 .