blogging for rescue.

About six months ago, I said yes to a trip across the world. Just the thought of it made my heart race :: human trafficking awareness in schools, working with survivors, teaching basic elements of art journaling. And, given that the trip would be to Moldova, I was almost guaranteed to see snow.

Then, in August we were placed with a birth mom and I canceled my spot on the trip.

A few months later, when everything seemed to be falling apart with our adoption, I questioned the timing of it all. But, as I've been shown time and time again, God doesn't work on our timeline.


Recently I stumbled upon an initiative through an organization started by a dear friend. The Exodus Road, a coalition of investigators working toward the abolition of trafficking, started looking for bloggers to lend their words for the cause of these men who go into brothels and battle the front lines.

My answer was swift.

During this season, it's not feasible for me to pack my bags and travel the world. However, I have a computer and I have words and I have the unmitigated passion to see human trafficking end in my lifetime.

And so I blog for rescue.

I'll blog for Sarah, a girl considered "fresh" by her pimps who was sold as a virgin for 600 dollars. When investigators went to visit her, she scribbled a note and handed it to them.

"Please rescue me," it said.

And at the time, the investigators were forced to leave without her. Raids are tricky and knee-jerk reactions are harmful at best. It takes time and money and planning to execute a successful rescue.

But early this fall, Sarah's story changed. A team of investigators funded by the Exodus Road were able to pull of a raid at Sarah's brothel.

It took the partnership of several NGO's, two of which are involved with Exodus Road, several government and police agencies and three days but it was professional and resulted in the discovery of eight underage victims as well as the arrests of the brothel owners.

From Exodus Road ::

And while it did require more time, money, and manpower than first assumed, the team pursued Sarah’s freedom with a tenacity that inspires us every time we read the investigative report. They remind us that there are brave men and women on the front lines who live the belief that child slavery is unacceptable.

And Sarah’s life will never be the same because of it.

And because of Exodus Road's new initiative, you can be involved in bringing others like Sarah out of slavery. A team of bloggers have been working hard trying to spread the word. We've only started a few weeks ago and already have funded multiple missions. Rescue is coming and you can be a part. Donate today?

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