heart whispers for the week of December 10

It's been one of the things I've missed most in writing almost daily :: the constant vigilant looking-out for those words that bring life. And so today, I begin again with some old and new posts I've found across the internet over the past few weeks. Because if there's anything I've learned over this break of soaking in as many words as possible it's this :: you can never have too much inspiration. 

posts i loved :: 

Preston Yancey's When I Live by Revision -

This morning, I felt nothing in the Scripture reading, but I felt everything when I listened to the latestThisAmerican Life on animal sacrifice and I marvelled and wept over a mystery of God that I do not and cannot fully understand.

Why should He demand life?

(Again, I did not type first lie.)

I suppose this is the most I can offer you, that what I am trying to do more faithfully is to deal with my shit, not with my crap.

Addie Zierman's "Not Presents but His Presence" and Other Christmas Cliches on Deeper Story -

I got physically agitated the other day when I came across one that said, Are you part of the Inn crowd or one of the Stable few? The pun was just so obvious, so trite, and the whole thing felt so shrunk down to me on that pretty little free printable.

As if always, you are one or the other. As if you have either shut God out or you’re experiencing the fully majesty and miracle of his presence.

So often, life is lived in the in between. You have chosen the baby in the manger. You’ve chosen Immanuel, God with us.  But it doesn’t feel like he’s here. It feels like you are wandering the cold dark streets of a strange town alone.

Brenna DiAmbrosio's A Prophetic Whisper -

I have only this home, this place. I have no platform. I have no tribe. Just a handful of people who love me, believe in me, and speak life to me. My words aren't shouted from the rooftops. And maybe they aren't meant to be.

But I do have words to share. And sometimes they'll be quiet. Sometimes just a whisper. But I'm writing myself out of the darkness. I'm writing myself through the brokenness. I see hope. I see redemption.

songs inspiring me :: 

Dead Hearts, Stars -

I can say it but you won't believe me You say you do but you don't deceive me Dead hearts are everywhere. Dead hearts are everywhere.

We Should Run, Sarah Macintosh -

People keep asking When will we regain life with the One who is for us? Rescue won't you come?

books i am reading :: 

"Conversely, nature is thought of as feminine. We speak of Mother Earth and virgin forests. The connection is even entwined in the roots of our language. The word mother comes from the Latin word mater, which means matter. Mother and matter are both the stuff out of which everything is composed" - Sue Monk Kidd's Dance of the Dissident Daughter 

"And as you look longer, if you let yourself see, the subtleties will clamor to show themselves. Doubts, compromises, and disappointments little and big - those usually reside around the eyes, but there are no rules. The hopes usually lurk around the mouth, but so do bitterness and tenacity. A sense of humor is easy to spot around the eyebrows, and so is self-deception. Add to your observation the set of the head on the neck, the carriage of the shoulders, the posture of the back, and you know a lot more" - Ann Brashares' My Name is Memory

and finally, an old post from me :: when He tenderly speaks

the lady next to me tried to make conversation. i just am so excited to see our houses! on the big screen! she said and i smiled and nodded and said the proper “that’s nice” as expected when talking to others who are experiencing some type of second-hand notoriety. inside though, i felt like breaking into a thousand tiny pieces of myself and hiding.

Tell me :: what are some of your favorite posts/songs/quotes from this week?

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