on grabbing my book for free.

Stories are meant to be shared. This is what you'll see when you go to Story Cartel's home page. It's a pretty cool concept and has hosted authors like Max Dubinsky and LL Barkat. It's a little like Noisetrade. You subscribe for a certain book and receive a link to the digital copy for free. All they expect and hope for in return is an honest review. During January, Come Alive is one of their featured books.

These past few days have been a perfect storm of timing. I told a friend earlier this morning I feel as if I'm juggling an insane amount of wound clocks. Come Alive was supposed to be off online shelves by today. It's not and I've been told whoever is in charge has said it will be off when it's off. 

Of course, this doesn't bode well for the week I'm placing a book in the midst of a subscribe-to-review promotion but I'm learning to breathe deep and just accept it.

This doesn't mean rolling over and letting others walk all over me. This doesn't mean not trying to figure out how to expedite the process to get the book off and on the shelves as smoothly as possible.

But it does mean coming to an understanding that it will take as long as it will take and sometimes, there's a whole lotta grace involved in just sitting back and letting it all work out the kinks.

So I'm emailing a bunch of people today and sharing with you the opportunity to get my book for free. Later, I'll have a story-coaching session and will probably put another layer or paint on the canvas I'm working on right now. And in the middle of all this, I'll try and ink out some words for Kevin's novella - because really, at the end of the day nothing changes the truth that at the core of my being I am a writer who wants to share good words that inspire.


So, I hope you take the opportunity to grab Come Alive completely free while you can - while we're working out some kinks and getting things in order. Until then, tell me how you're doing?

Posted on January 7, 2013 and filed under remembering art.