girls on fire.

morning words

She's just a girl and she's on fire - Alicia Keys

Let me tell you what burns inside.

The flame began earlier this summer, when voices on either side began throwing up their hands in anger and disappointment. The whole time, I saw the middle - the forgotten - the story untold.

The story of women hurt by silence.

But now, we're not going away are we? Terry Tempest Williams asks what is the sound of a woman covering her mouth with her eyes wide open but we're done with that - we're done with letting the hands cover our mouths because more often than not, it's not even our hand keeping us silenced. All around me, women are standing up. They are finding their words, opening their mouths and singing their freedom song.

Sister, what are the words burning in your soul? You do realize the heart of the Lion is within you as well, right? You do understand He can speak to you and through you just as easily as anyone else?

Listen closely. The embers crack deep with heat but you can hear them.

The world brushes up against the Truth of our power, you know. They brush up against it but never embrace it. It's why their way breeds fear. But imagine with me what would happen if those of us with words to speak would join the conversation. Imagine if we forgot about those who didn't want to hear us - hollering at stones is a waste of energy anyway.

We spoke the words first - and somewhere along the way, we came to believe we were second best.

But this is not His way, and cutting off your words and your heart is cutting off part of Him who lives and breathes inside.

So breathe deep. Our power doesn't come from some ancient goddess or from a performer on stage. It comes from Him who lowered Himself so we could be lifted up.

In Him, through Him, with Him - it's how we speak and it's who breathes these words in our heart we're so often afraid to share.

Sister, you're on fire with His Spirit. Don't let those words turn to ash.

Posted on February 7, 2013 .