heart whispers :: story101 edition

Over the past nine weeks, I've been constantly moved and changed and inspired by the women in my Story101 course. I wanted to share with you some of their best writing - some from the course and some from their own hearts. These posts were written with vulnerability and bravery and pushed me to go deeper with my own words.

I wonder man of knowledge; did you know what those words would do? How they’d rip right through me and lay me bare? You didn’t know about my eating disorder, about the years of abuse I did to my body that have resulted in consequences I never expected, or how long I’ve struggled to accept this earthly vessel and call it good - Alex Headrick

It wasn’t until the box of tools that little eyes were captured by the lie. Shining, reflecting the light, almost beckoning her 11 year old grasp. It whispered sweet words of control and escape to a captive and imprisoned heart. It promised to deliver. It promised release.

Sharp edges. Pressed against the skin. Shattered innocence.

Claiming to be a friend, this monster took advantage of a confused and hurting little girl. He overstayed his welcome…

and she is still begging him to leave - Alison Luna

How can we advocate for the puppies... 
When human lives are being ripped open and plundered and bled out - Sarah Drinka
when i say i need to take a break, how will people respond?
it’s when i realize that  it doesn’t that i feel most free to say what the Spirit is moving in my life. and i say THAT, and feel like a poser, as if i’ve spent hours on end in prayer and meditation and had some special revelatory word from the Lord but this life gets lived in its moments, and my spirit intertwines with The Spirit moment-by-moment as i turn my face to the light. so. i am not a poser. i do not claim special revelation from God
(this time).
but this seems to be the journey i’m on, and he has been asking me to take courage and jump to the next step - Jamie Bonilla

This is the part I have decided is too much for you to know, church. The part I’m not sure you’ll still accept me after hearing. Although it seems you might be the one who ought to understand more than anyone - Erin Beth

I desired for you, my church family, to see my heart, the new heart I felt God transforming within me. If you would have come close you would have heard the rhythmic way it was beating. Or was it your heart you desired to hear beating within my chest?

 - Jen Upton

Once I finally identified my obstacle as Resistance, I could do the work. On Saturday, I stationed myself at my writing desk, put my seatbelt on, and resolved not to get up until it was done. I re-read my essay for the first time in nearly a year. I gave it a title. I wrote my bio. I put it all in an email and hit “send.”

I beat it. But God Almighty, send somebody to hold my hand - Anne Bogel
But that’s exactly why the truth of Jesus is so powerful — he didn’t come to teach us how to get it right. He came to be near and love us while we make mistakes - Hannah Ettinger

Of late, I have discovered this truth to be self-evident:  there are still  glass ceilings to be shattered in the garden I’m planted in - Christy McFerren

Why does feminism matter? Because I want to help create a world where rape is not a word - Brandy Walker

He chose her.

He commissioned her.

He gave her the privilege of delivering the very first Resurrection sermon.

To a room full of men.

There's much I'm not ready to say, but I can say this - Jesus is my favorite feminist - Deborah West

And conversations about feminism and the church are important to me because I hope that one day, my children (or more likely, grandchildren) will be able to learn and embrace this framework of justice and equality inside the church instead of outside of it. That for him or her, they won’t need a separate label of “feminist” to identify their commitment to examining their own privilege, speaking up for the oppressed, and pursuing justice and equality for everyone. My desire is that one day these things will be so naturally a part of their faith that they will be dumbfounded when they learn that grandma didn’t hear about these things in church. - Shaney Irene

I disagree and I have opinions, because in being for that large group who has left churchI am against the beliefs and practices that compelled them to leave. I’m against that which continues to isolate and alienate those who are gone.  I’m against the beliefs and practices that crush and invalidate those of us who are staying, but just barely - Caris Adel 

Don't let them silence your voice. You were given it by your Creator and He doesn't want you silent. Don't believe the lies. Say the things that you think about. Sing out the things that beat in your chest. Shout the things that break your heart - Brenna 

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