because i'm into you, april


I've been sitting here trying to think back on April and what it meant. You know, one of those meaningful opening paragraphs that pull you in because of my reflection. But there is none. Honest. April seemed like a flashbang in so many ways - quick, fierce, leaving me breathless. But most of all, it confirmed so much of what I feel called to do and write. So there's that.

Reading :: 

At the beginning of the month, I had this grandiose idea that I would read five books. Five! That's not a lot. Really. But for whatever reason, I was able to finish only two. I'm still in the midst of a few others.

Still - Lauren Winner writes of her divorce and mid-faith crisis here and I was drawn into those grey areas of spirituality with her. I loved it. 

Gifts of Imperfection - I mean, it's Brene Brown. Favorite quote: only when we're brave enough to explore our darkness will we understand the infinite power of our light. 

Yes. Preach. Amen.

Prophetic Imagination - I picked this book up for Kelly Nikohenda's #transitlounge book club and guys. It's good. I haven't finished it yet but I find myself thinking through Brueggemann's words randomly throughout the day. I have a feeling this will be an important book for me.

Lit - I started reading Mary Karr's memoir early in the month and got sidetracked by a few others things but from what I've read, it's beautiful and haunting and right up my alley. I have no doubt I won't be disappointed.

Unravel Me - The way Tahereh Mafi weaves her words is breathtaking. I read Shatter Me earlier this year and fell in love with the characters and their oh-so-complicated existence. I did the same thing with Unravel Me that I did with Shatter Me - picked it up, read a few pages, fell in love and then set the book down [with great difficulty] because I knew I didn't have time/energy to finish it. I hope to pick it back up this weekend. 

Television :: 

Guys, I finished the episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix and I'm kind of freaking out because Chuck. I need the last season. Stat.

Other must see (read: guilty pleasure) television - New Girl (yes, still, I know) Mindy Project, The Voice, and I'm finally working my way through Pretty Little Liars while giggling at Dawson's Creek. Because Pacey.

Oh and - SMASH. Holy buckets this season is good. I feel like every episode I'm left with a desperate feeling for more and I have all of their songs in my head for days and days....I'm such a fangirl. And I'm now a fan of Derek. Who knew?

Music :: 

I'm still in love with That Girl by Justin Timberlake and well...who are we kidding...his entire album. Yum. I also can't stop listening to Tegan and Sara's new album. At any given moment there's a good chance Closer is running through my mind. Finally, Heroes and Monsters by Penny & Sparrow gets me every. single. time.

On the internet :: 

So I'm going to be honest and just let you know I've tried my best to stay away from most links this month. After a few...questionable posts went live I had to hide away for my own sanity. But this post about my friend's book deal {finally} and this one by a new friend on Deeper Story made me a little more hopeful for the future of words.

Highlights :: 

The last weekend in April marked the beginning of Story Session retreats. Ohmigoodness gracious did these women capture my heart in a big way. We laughed until our stomachs hurt, ate until we couldn't anymore (thanks to my amazing chef-husband) and wrestled through what it means to own our voices and words. For me, there was healing in this room and with these women. So much clarity. So much vision. Dropping Brandy off at the airport on Monday was probably my most un-favorite moment of the month.

On the blog :: 

I spent a week sharing what I wish I knew before getting published and then closed the month out by writing a little of my vision for this blog and life. It's amazing how even those two things—seemingly so different—are really so interconnected. I guess that's the whole time being wibbly wobbly and timey-wimey, right? 

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Posted on May 3, 2013 .