because I'm into you, August

In August, I returned to roots—looking for greenery and trees wherever I could. 

In August, I returned to roots—looking for greenery and trees wherever I could. 

August showed herself with roots and chakras as I began working through some things that apparently weren't going to leave me alone. If July came as clarity, luminosity and embodiment, August proved to be alchemic and cohesive.

In fact, as you read this I'm currently on a two week hiatus from social media (thank you, internet scheduling gods). It's not the beach, but it's my couch and if I'm doing this right, there's a book in my lap and a fruity drink in my hand. 

So you know, basically the beach without the amazing view and the gritty sand.

books read :: 

Ugly Love, Colleen Hoover - Ever since one of my friends turned me on to Hoover's writing (way back when SLAMMED was a new release) I've read everything she's published. I was slightly disappointed with her last book, but UGLY LOVE was read in a few hours. It just may be my favorite of hers—primarily because of her toying with structure in order to show two different view points. Loved that concept.

APE: How to Publish a Book, Guy Kawasaki - If you're looking to self-publish, man. This is the way to go. Kawasaki offers so much information in this book I know I'll be referencing it in the future. I used this to beef up my own knowledge (since I only know fiction-related indie publishing) because of a certain-something I'm cooking up behind the scenes. Grab this book if you're interested in pushing out your own words, but buy the paperback because of underlining and tabbing. You'll want it.

Speak, Nish Weiseth - It was a no-brainer for me to have this book on the day of release. I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered it way back in March or April or whenever it went live on Amazon. I loved working with Nish when I wrote for Deeper Story, and this book speaks to her desire for good and true story-telling rather than pounding on our platforms and yelling out our opinions. Grateful for her vision.

Stupid Girl, Cindy Miles - This book was engaging, but a little disappointing. I still enjoyed it, and I would recommend it for a quick read (I found it for free on Netgalley) but the title and the ending just made me cringe. I'm curious to see where Miles is going with the series. 

This Sky, Autumn Doughton - I've been a huge fan of Doughton's writing since finding her last summer, and this book is no exception. I loved the quirky characters and the way she pushed against some of the more common motifs within indie plot-lines. 

The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt - I have ALL OF THE THOUGHTS about this book, and will be writing more about it next week. It did something to me, I believe. Especially that ending. MAN OH MAN that ending.

books still reading ::   

The Enneagram, A Christian Perspective, Richard Rohr 

The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin

Winter's Tale, Mark Helprin 

Book of Life, Deborah Harkness

for the love of poetry ::  

Has it ever occurred to you
it oughtn't to be
it's scarlet fever of the soul.
I choose to do it my way.

-  me, a found poem from this month in my art journal

television ::  

We binge-watched Luther last month but have slowed down considerably these past few weeks because holy cow. It's like the intensity just grows and grows and grows until I can't even take it anymore. There have been plenty of nights where we're watching the show and then the credits roll and I'm just left shaking my head. So we turn on New Girl reruns. 

We also started watching The Killing. I'm intrigued that the entire show is based on one killing — but also I just like to see the rain because I live in central Texas and I forgot what it looks like. 


I just have feelings about it. 

music :: 

I may have been charged with creating a playlist for a friend's 30th birthday party with the theme of (wait for it) SECOND CHANCE PROM. Other than that, I've basically been listening to this song on repeat >> 

on beauty ::

I've had a minor moment of grief because of canceling my Julep subscription, because I LOVE NAIL COLOR and who doesn't take Discover anymore? Apparently Julep, that's who. 

But that's okay, because I have Essie to fall back on, as well as Sinful. 

Oh and I dyed my hair with Color Brilliance Brights' ROSE and I love it. 

everything else :: 

Thankful for friends who will experiment with me and don't mind having their hands dyed along with my hair. 

Thankful for friends who will experiment with me and don't mind having their hands dyed along with my hair. 

  • Two weeks of reading.
  • Dancing with my friends to songs from our high school years.
  • SOMEWHERE BETWEEN WATER & SKY now available for pre-order
  • Reminders that I am safe and cared for—even when I don't feel it.
  • Synchronicity
  • Launching the second round of Rebel Diaries with my partner-in-crime Brandy Walker
  • Investing in yet another eCourse from Braid Creative (they're brilliant. Check them out. No really.) 
  • Surprise books waiting for me in the mail 
  • A husband who understands me working late nights so I can eally unplug for two weeks
  • Friends who know me well enough to ask if I'm okay.

What about you? What's made your July magnificent?  

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