chasing wild

Somewhere back in the fall, I stopped posting here. 

A lot of it was necessity. Things were happening I didn't feel comfortable sharing, and so I drew inward, processing with those around me. There's a certain holiness in allowing people to grab your hand or throw dance parties on your behalf or share rapid fire text messages with in the middle of the day when you're hit with one more mountain to climb.

Somewhere along the way, I shed more than a few masks and I softened into wild.

It started in September. 

It's never easy to chase your purpose. It's easy to find it. It's easy to coax it out from hiding in the shadows, even. But chasing it? There's nothing more grueling. It's a constant state of realignment that requires flexibility and gumption. I found my purpose in the Skype calls and curriculum building of Story Unfolding. But somewhere along the way, it ran off unbidden. 

This happens when you let someone else hold your purpose. 

So in September, I chased it and lured it back. And since then I've scraped everything and fought to realign what fits with the story I know I'm designed to live.

This is what I've learned the past six months. Inviting others into your story only works if you're claiming it as your own. Inviting others in for the sole purpose of carrying the weight of your dream? Faulty logic. 

No one wants grabby hands over something born from their soul. But who can blame anyone if you've handed it over to them for safe-keeping?

So now I'm here, living a schedule completely foreign to six-months-ago Elora but feeling aligned and driven and full of intention and soul. I rebranded. I finally let go of Story Sessions, seeing that The Coterie is what I was meant to do all along, what I fought to make Story Unfolding but never succeeded in doing because I was living so many other stories (and not my own) and allowing so many others to live the story meant for me. And there's a fierce protection growing over the women in the group now - the ones who've said yes to writing the story in their bones. The potential of 90 or so books lining my shelves this time next year has me giddy with excitement and determination. 

This is chasing wild. This is me focusing on what's mine. This is me claiming my purpose and refusing to let the perception of others cloud my vision.  

There are about a million and one stories from the past few months that I can share, but I'm choosing to start fresh. I'll post about books I read and lessons I'm learning in creative entrepreneurship. I'll post thoughts and rambles about my year of #novelistwild. I'll tell stories and process through life seasons and celebrate the every day living of me and my people. 

But most of all, I'll choose to show up. Because more than anything, that's what chasing wild has taught me.

This is your life. This is your story. You have to choose to show up.  

If I had to pinpoint a moment in which I began to put everything together, where things shifted into clarity for me and I began sensing a movement in all areas of my life, it would be signing up for Hey, Sweet Pea's online school My Own Irresistible Brand. This is not an affiliate link. I just believe that strongly in their program because I know what it did for me when I was faced with the rubble of a dream. Go check out their free video series if you're needing a kick in the pants with an affirming hug. I promise you it's worth it. 

Posted on March 29, 2015 .