day twenty eight: resources on criticism

The other day, I combed through my email and started laughing. I'm all for sensing a theme within the emails sent to me, but this was exceptional. Email after email, I read what other people are doing to handle criticism in their field. 

And I thought, well why not share these? 

Like this post from Publishing Crawl by Alex Bracken. She talks about a recent situation between an author and reviewer and how to avoid the trap of reading reviews. I love her tips — especially the one about accessibility, which we'll talk about later this week.

I always love Tara Mohr, and this article about learning to write for herself and not the crowd is no exception. 

99u consistently puts out challenging articles + videos on the creative process, and I loved what Gregory Ciotti had to say here about why some people are born haters.

And anytime you find something from Malcolm Gladwell on criticism, you know it's going to be good

What about you? Have you found any really good links lately about how to handle the negativity?

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Posted on October 28, 2014 and filed under indie publishing, writing.