what to do when the magic disappears.

I have this prompt bowl on my desk. Whenever I need a reminder of magic or some sort of inspiration, I always reach my hand into the slivers of paper and see what comes out. It's like my own personal cauldron. Secret messages lay dormant here. I listen whenever I  pull from it.

So on November 1, when I pulled out break tradition, I pasted it on my Right Brain Planner page in my art journal and made a decision to approach the next month different than before—finding unexpected ways to build my own tradition. 

It's been harder than I anticipated. Habits are habits for a reason, and most of them are buried within assumptions and status quo. 

Not necessarily fodder for magic or inspiration.   You see, It's been a dry season for me—the words just aren't coming and I've learned enough to know that sometimes, that's fine. But sometimes, it takes drastic measures to excavate the stories waiting inside. 


I signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year. 

And it wasn't because I had an incredible idea for a book—although there are plenty rolling around in my brain. It wasn't even because I needed to finish a project beckoning for my attention. 

Mostly, it was because I'd forgotten what it was like to show up every day and write. This was my something drastic. I haven't done very well. I'm kind of tripping along and wondering where the hell my words have off and hid.

Seven days in and I'm more behind than I've ever been. I'm fairly certain I bit off more than I can chew but I'm still doing it. I'm still opening up my laptop every day and writing. Some of it's good. Most of it's compost. All of it is worth something. Even if I'm typing 

 I have no idea where this is going I have no idea where this is going I have no idea where this is going  

because eventually I will know where it's going and I can push and pull and prod that story into submission. 


What do you do when the magic disappears? You go out and search for it. More than likely, you'll find yourself breathing heavy and in the midst of a storm or a deep forest with no way out—if this happens, lean into to the mystery.  

Because the mysterious places is where Magic likes to rest. 

Posted on November 7, 2013 .