what does an emotion sound like

What does an emotion sound like
when it cracks and burns
the faded hope left unwanted 
and buried in the heap of dreams jangling from the wolf's mouth. 

What does it sound like when 
Fear grows feral and snarls quick and fierce, 
snapping at love in the jagged way of grief
ripping at wounds 

What does it sound like
When it believes in the fairy tale--
swooning and gorging on the fields too empty to roam

Maybe it sounds like the rat-tat-tat of the keys
when typing
or the slap-clap-slap of the haka-warrior
banging on his knees 

Or maybe it's just a whisper, quiet on the breeze.


Story Sessions is participating in 40 days of poetry. This poem was inspired by Abby Norman's prompt of what an emotion sounds like.

If you want to join us for future challenges + prompts and inspiration, check it out—there's always room for you.

Posted on December 3, 2013 and filed under the {true} and the questions.