cover reveal :: every shattered thing.

I texted Kelly, my publicist, yesterday afternoon.

"So how does this whole cover reveal thing work? I can post the cover at midnight, right?"

She promptly texted back. "Nope. I'll email you the times." 

I laughed. Even after being in the publishing world for over a year, there's still so much to learn. So I told her  "I wouldn't trust anyone else with this, you know." And it's true. This manuscript still holds so much of my heart—maybe even more through the edits. I cried when I got the new cover art from Sarah, and when I figured out the new title, I whispered it to a friend and she broke out in this huge grin. 

"Elora. It's perfect. Keep it."  

And so I did. 

So much of this re-release has been a community effort, and I'm so thankful for the bloggers who posted the cover reveal on their site today. Twenty-nine of them said yes to hosting my novel, and I am thrilled and giddy and nervous and the butterflies haven't left my gut since Kelly told me yesterday.  

It's happening, y'all. Stephanie's story is spreading. Mark it on your calendars? It releases August 27.

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 [Cover design by the amazing Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations]

Posted on July 3, 2013 .