why we're not staying silent anymore.

Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it - it can't survive being shared. Shame loves secrecy - Brene Brown

I need you to know something. I need you to go quiet, just for a moment, and listen.

That intake of breath you hear? It's thousands of wounded hearts gathering strength to share.

We have seen the pain that shaped our hearts and in our shame, we're still breathing - All Sons and Daughters

And before you roll your eyes, before you whisper here we go again...you need to know something. 

We know shame because we've felt it. It's been heaped on us by others and their attempt to make us quiet. And so many times we feel the Truth before we can explain it and this? Right here? Is true: shame has no place in our healing as believers. 

We can't do it anymore. We're shucking the wet blanket and soaking in His warmth and Light. There's a movement you see - one where Holy Ghost is beckoning us and whispering softly the wake-up call.

Now. Let's do this now. 

And so we will. We'll offer our stories, most times through quavering voices and tears, not because we're wanting attention or because we're whining or because we're attempting to sow disunity but because we're done, Church. We're done. 

For years, we've lived in invisibility. For years, we've forgotten the strength we possess by being His children. We've let others speak for us, telling us what Scripture states and how we should behave. Not remembering that sometimes? A righteous anger is just as sanctifying as a quiet spirit.

So for those of you listening to our stories, for those of you who've silenced us and tried to control us and manipulated us into thinking your way is the only way, 

this is our freedom song.

And we're going to whisper it until you let it sink deep: there's only one Way.

The One who shook straight the skies and sets the waves into constancy loves us and set us free. The Way we know and speak is love and Light and peace and justice and freedom, freedom, FREEDOM in the One who paid it all for us. 

So no - we won't shake in the face of your latest tantrum. We won't question ourselves anymore. We have the Breath and Light and Strength of the Creator of the Universe within us and imagine this: we can hear the Holy Ghost just as well as you. 

And while there's an anger pulsing deep within us - one that whispers with ferocity ENOUGH - we draw from a deeper vein. 

Because when you crash into the pain of our hearts, what you'll find isn't a timid belief. We know the Love that heals our wounds. We felt the scars in His hands when He grabbed our own during our darkest moments. We're well versed in His whispers, because those were the only things we could cling to when others were stealing our innocence. The anger makes us speak - we gather that courage like a lion and open our mouths - but it's the Love that pushes us to look you in the eye.

Do you understand? We won't be quiet anymore because God is asking us to stand.

So we'll stand in His strength, knowing He went before us. We'll speak in His truth, knowing He spoke it once already. And we'll do it knowing He's behind us because He's behind you and He's for you and He loves you. 

We share our stories so you can feel the courage to share your own. Healing won't be done in the proving who is right. Apologies mean nothing when the very next breath speaks hesitation. But share your story? Because that speaks holiness. And there's nothing more sacred than gathering together and opening hearts just wide enough to see the pain and how He's met you there. 

Listen closely. That intake of breath is growing in strength. We're on the move and we're claiming freedom and we'll speak first so you can know the power of sharing. And when the wind dies down, when the last tear is shed, we'll look you in the eye and wait for the collective to breathe in Love and breathe out brokenness and all at once, all in unison, His bride will sing a freedom song.


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Posted on March 16, 2013 .