making hustle your friend.

Every week within Story Sessions, the members receive an email focused on the creative life. Sometimes it's encouragement, other times it's equal parts ass-kicking and inspiration. I love writing these emails because they force me to engage in a form of artistic metacognition. Such as this email, copied for you below, on hustle. It's something I've been pondering for a while and was just now able to put to words so I wanted to share it with you. 


I remembered this past weekend just how much hustle a life of creativity demands.

Editing needs to be done. eCourses need to be brainstormed. Websites need to be updated. Books beg to be read. 

But despite the exhaustion of days spent behind the keyboard, nothing thrills me more than seeing a scene fold into perfection. Saturday and Sunday were sixteen hour days of research, writing, planning and learning. I loved every minute. I felt driven and energized, as if the words on the screen were fuel for my dreams. 

Sometimes, I wonder if the hustle has gotten a bad wrap in the midst of all our talk of rest. 

Don't get me wrong: rhythm and flow are essential for a creative. Seasons are real and sometimes our words look like the fallow ground of winter. 

But if we're not careful, our seasons can shift into spring and that fallow ground can turn into the tough soil of  a land that hasn't been tilled. 

This was me in April. I almost never started book two. If it weren't for coffee with Teresa in the Austin airport and hearing her say "just write the damn book, Elora. You know it's in you" the angst of hidden characters and words would most likely still be eating me alive.

So for you who wait: now is the time. 
For you who doubt: let us believe in you. 
For you who are overwhelmed: just start here.

You know it's in you: the book, the blog post, the drawing, the website, the eCourse, the business. The hustle is your friend. With her, the crazy-making world doesn't seem too crazy anymore. In fact, she often comes arm-in-arm with the Muse. Get to know her. Love her. Welcome her. 

And then sit in that chair and create.


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Posted on July 28, 2014 .