because I'm into you, July

Coffee and magenta lipstick. Oh my. 

Coffee and magenta lipstick. Oh my. 

If I can summarize July in any way, it would be through the words of clarity, luminosity and embodiment. 

It was a month of learning curves, for sure. But even more it was the month of fully accepting and embracing who I am in this season and celebrating with those I love. I entered into the month marking nine years being a Mrs. and ended the month 32 and ready for the dreams taking shape for this next year. 

2014 has been the year of soft — learning more about what makes me move in this flesh and bone. I'm learning more and more — and loving what I find. And I just may have the beginnings of my word for 2015. 

books read :: 

#GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso - I saw a picture of this book on Instagram and immediately went to find it online. Snarky, honest, and at times completely unconventional, #GIRLBOSS was exactly the read I needed to jumpstart my understanding of what it means to be a creative entrepreneur. 

Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion - A tale of a zombie-turning-human again? Sure I'll bite. Great summer read for a local book club. Wasn't disappointed. 

The Here and Now, Ann Brashares - This was one of those reads where I would love the direction Brashares was taking and then suddenly, I was left wondering what the hell was going on. Way too many subplots, I think. Over all I enjoyed it, but I probably was more thrilled about the cover design than the actual plot. 

Landline, Rainbow Rowell - it's no surprise I'm a huge fan of Rowell. This book is no exception—a brilliant and honest look at modern marriage and friendships with a slight nod to paranormal elements. Bonus: her dialogue is still the best out there as far as I'm concerned.

Conversion, Katherine Howe - my favorite book of the month/summer/year so far. I'm serious. Listen, I'm a huge fan of The Crucible and so any book that chooses to tie into the themes of hysteria as well as the pressure high school students are under now, it's just brilliant. My favorite line just might be the APUSH instructor looking at the students and saying (describing Miller's play), "...and because it's Arthur Miller, it's not about the Salem Witch Trials. It's about sex." 

Um. Yes. Spot on. All my geeky-literary respect and mad props to you, Katherine Howe.

books still reading ::   

The Enneagram, A Christian Perspective, Richard Rohr 

Linchpin, Seth Godin

Winter's Tale, Mark Helprin 

Book of Life, Deborah Harkness

for the love of poetry ::  

There are fundamental values
underneath tonight
- and every other night - 
I don't want to get self-conscious
inhibited about it. 
I'd like to leave that entirely 
to you.

-  me, a found poem from this month in my art journal

television ::  

I'm mourning the fact that we finished Chuck earlier this month (but how cute was that series finale). We also finished Orange is the New Black, with me bouncing up and down on the couch as you-know-who did you-know-what in the last few seconds of the season.

And, in the vein of needing to just shut the laptop and unplug, I've had TWO FULL DAYS of Pretty Little Liars binge watching. Hello, Ezra. When did you get so creepy? And how 'bout that season 4 finale? A is most definitely for answers.

Finally. Luther. Oh my. 

music :: 

Definitely still listening to Somewhere Between Water & Sky's playlist as well as this one I created a few months ago for a secret project I'll be starting soon. 

Also? This song from Yuna has been on NONSTOP. 

on beauty ::

I'm still obsessed with violet & magenta lip color. Particularly this line from Bite Beauty. Other than that, July wasn't necessarily a month for beauty—considering I had an allergic reaction to arnica covering a majority of my body for most of the month. 

But yay steroid pills. And lipstick. 

And haircuts from Bird's Barbershop.

everything else :: 

The weekly letter with artistic visioning for the everyday creative. Click on the picture to sign up! 

The weekly letter with artistic visioning for the everyday creative. Click on the picture to sign up! 

  • Celebrating nine years of marriage with my love
  • Clarity that comes after chaos
  • The launch of ten story-coaches within Story Unfolding
  • Language surrounding where I want to go 
  • Falling back in love with Somewhere Between Water & Sky
  • Weekly art-journaling dates with my closest friends
  • Taking risks and stretching into this skin of creative entrepreneur
  • Investing in eCourses from Indie Shopography as well as Braid Creative (they're brilliant. Check them out. No really.) 
  • Dinner with Preston & Hilary Yancey
  • Getting the cover to book two (cover reveal next week!)
  • Celebrating 32 years with my people
  • Days spent reading just because. 
  • Launching the 30-Days of prompts
July brought a tradition far too long in the making: Sunday evening wine and art journaling. 

July brought a tradition far too long in the making: Sunday evening wine and art journaling. 

What about you? What's made your July magnificent?  

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