Knowing your direction: Story 101's last hoorah

When I came up with the idea for what would become the signature eCourse for Story Sessions, I was in my kitchen banging my head against the counter because we didn't have money for rent.

And then — boom — CONNECTION.

Creating a space for women artists to process through their writing voice and biggest hang-ups in the process: knowing your muse, balancing art and faith, diving into edits, and post-production—all of it got my heart racing. I built a syllabus and created a post much like this one and then?

Since hitting publish on the very first registration post, over 200 women have taken this course. It's blown my mind and opened up doors I never imagined. Now I can't think about what it would be like if it never happened.

Story 101 became the avenue in which hundreds of women found their voice. 

But about six months ago, I started experiencing dissonance surrounding the course. I didn't understand why I felt so detached to it. I gathered Story Unfolding coaches together and had them lead weeks thinking I was just burnt out and needed some added help. 

Despite their kick-ass approach, nothing worked. The rushed heart-beat wasn't there anymore. The calls were still amazing and I was still gathering inspiration from the women who were risking ten weeks with someone they don't know on the internet, but something was off. 

Then it hit me: story 101 was our foundation, but it wasn't our direction. 

Finding you voice? Embracing your muse? Balancing the sticky line of art + faith? All really useful things in building creativity or noticing the pulse within that beats to an artistic tune. Without this course, Story Sessions wouldn't have even existed. Since day one, it's brought women in from all over the world and connected people who otherwise wouldn't know each other. 

But you can't always stay at the beginning. Eventually, you have to move. 

It made so much sense, really. Story 101 had run its course. I would go one more round—with fresh content and new perspective—and then I would package it up and offer it to new subscribers of Story Sessions as a DIY eCourse.

A lot can happen in nineteen months. I feel differently now then I did at the dawn of 2013. Finding my voice means something entirely new now as a business owner and author. So does that line of art + faith. So we're going out in style. 

All new content. 
All new resources. 
Same syllabus + belief in you and your words and finding a way to get your voice out into the world.

Do you need to be a blogger? A published author? Shoot—do you need to even consider yourself a writer? Hell no. This course is for those women who feel a yearning to make something of this creativity burning for release. You hear about embracing your muse and you don't even know what a muse is, let alone who or what your muse may sound like. 

Or maybe you have a story—one you've lived through or one that's starting to take shape internally and you need some extra help with doubt and knowing how to finish well. 

Regardless of your reason, now is the time to join—in 2015, this course will turn into a DIY eCourse previously packaged and recorded. 

Want even better news? Since this is our last run, it's discounted at 127 dollars

What do you say? Come join us? 


Week One :: 

Focus - Finding Your Voice 
Activity - Blogging Peer Analysis 

Week Two :: 

Capturing the Muse 
Focus - How to Get Your Brilliance on Paper 
Activity - Idea Binge  

Week Three :: 

Battling Doubt 
Focus - Finding Fresh Inspiration 
Activity - Comfort Zone Challenge 
Text - The War of Art 

Week Four :: 

Embracing Silence
Focus - Going Inward in Order to Write Outward
Activity - Social Media//Internet Fast 

Week Five :: 

Writing the Hard Thing 
Focus - Listening to the Inner Writer 
Activity - Soul Blurts 
Text - Zen in the Art of Writing

Week Six :: 

The Art of Memoir 
Focus - Writing About Our Memories 
Activity - Mirrors
Text - The Memoir Project

Week Seven :: 

The Intersection of Faith and Art 
Focus - How to Market Without Losing Your Soul 
Activity - Pitching Idea to Someone New 

Week Eight :: 

Finding the Strength to Finish 
Focus - What To Do When You Lose Your Groove//Avoiding Burnout 
Activity - Brainstorm Sessions 

Week Nine :: 

For Love of Editing 
Focus - Finding and Keeping a Writers' Community 
Activity - Peer Critique

Week Ten :: 

Focus - Knowing Where Your Words Will Land 
Activity - FutureCasting 


  • A 10 week course on story-telling and writing set for September 8 to November 21
  • Weekly conference calls with everyone who can make it where we'd chat about specific topics relating to writing :: tackling faith and art, the marketing agenda and what that means for us as artists, keeping a story moving….etc 
  • recordings of each meeting to listen at your leisure
  • weekly homework/prompts
  • inspirational emails dropped into your inbox about two-three times a week
  • membership to a private Facebook community designed specifically for your class
  • complimentary copy of Elora Ramirez' book Somewhere Between Water & Sky
  • peer critique
  • email availability if you have any questions along the way
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This was absolutely amazing. I hate to see my course end. Highly recommend for any writers out there who could use a little writing community and inspiration--no matter where you're at in the process - Sarah Drinka
This class has opened me. Emotionally, spiritually and relationally. I thought I had lost my creative self but she was there all along. She needed prompting, nurture and to find her voice. My voice. It's been found. - Bethany Paget
Elora is a gifted and experienced writer and coach. I needed structure for my writing goals — mile markers and directives to guide me — and I needed to break through to the next level of vulnerability as a writer. Elora's guidance and the weekly assignments have enabled me to accomplish that - Teresa Robinson <>
I came to this course hoping to become a better writer. I never imagined I would first start becoming a better person and find a community people who spoke the language of my soul - Adela Just
Story Sessions seriously changed my life. In this space, I was inspired to relaunch my blog, start my own eCourse, and write the book that's been in my head for the last five years (or more). Elora is a natural teacher, she gently guides us into our authentic writer selves. I don't where I'd be without her. All this, and I haven't even mentioned the community! To be surrounded by other women wrestling with their words and their faith has transformed me. And I am forever grateful -Brandy Walker
Each of the class members has touched my heart deeply and I'm continually amazed how each person is putting in words what I feel in my own heart. I've never been in such a community before. The prompts and week's activities are helping to shape me, to identify obstacles, and to think bigger - I'm grateful, so very grateful. Story 101 has gone above and beyond my expectations. So much of me has been numb through years of constant trauma upon trauma... but this journey with Story 101 is like a warm breeze melting the icicles of grief and pain - Susan McKenzie
This course has given me a diverse writing community, which I love. What I think my big takeaway from this is going to be by ability to write about my faith, especially the hard parts of it. I don't even know if I knew that I wasn't, or that I needed to sit and focus on myself, affirming my own humanity and story. When I signed up for this I was thinking that I would learn some mechanics of being a better writer. But what I learned was how who I am affects my writing. And when I plumb my own depths, I find a vulnerability that is more fragile than I thought. But, like someone standing in the middle of a thinly frozen lake, hearing cracks, I am becoming aware of my own strength and possibilities - Caris Adel

Because I believe in this course and quality content, I don't offer any refunds. However, if you find yourself unable to participate I will gladly transfer your admission to another person. 

Posted on July 15, 2014 .