You Need to Know :: You Aren't Crazy

I'm not sure if anything feels as crazy as deciding to write a book. 

But it's not.

Despite the late nights, copious amounts of coffee, lack of immediate feedback and fear of failure or never finishing, nothing beats the high of sitting down and writing a book. 

You can do it, you know.

Do you have an idea for a book? A page written of half-hearted thoughts and inspirations? Sit down. Flesh it out some more. Give yourself a word count goal and see what happens when you just start writing. Don't worry about editing, do that later. Don't worry about spelling, catch those mistakes on the flip side.

I always told my students: the first draft is written with your heart. The second and third and fourth, with your head.

So what words keep you up at night? What runs electric through your veins? You aren't crazy for thinking it just might be a book. 

Here is my letter of encouragement to you.

Today is your day one.

Enough with the excuses, the but I can'ts, the questions of feasibility or sleep or schedule. When you have the words begging to be spilled, spill them. The muse only comes around once and in my experience, doesn't take kindly to those who whine about timing.

Grab that notebook. Center the page if you must. Write at the top, in big bold letters 

Chapter One.

Now close your eyes. Breathe deep. 

And write.

Posted on April 19, 2013 .