because i'm into you, july.

Sunset cruise off Rockport beach. 

Sunset cruise off Rockport beach. 

books read ::  

An Abundance of Katherines - Creating story out of a math equation. Brilliant. I gave this one five stars, mostly because I was deeply relieved it wasn't one of his more depressing books. It's funny and heart-warming, though. Highly recommended. 

Faking It - This is the second in the Losing It series and I liked this better than the first one (go, Cora!). A darker story led to characters who seemed more human.  

Eleanor and Park - My favorite book of the year so far. Haunting, hilarious and has an ending that makes me swoon with the messiness. 

Risking Everything - A few months ago, I asked the poets of twitter which books they'd suggest for poetry. This title was offered, and since it includes my word for the year, I figured it was a sign. I loved this book. So many of the poems spoke directly to those deep spaces I hadn't found words for these past few weeks.

Of Poseidon - Fun little YA about mermaids. I mean, come on. It's summer. Great beach read. I'll check out the rest of the series

The Artist's Rule - One paragraph in and I was in tears. Two pages in and I decided to organize the entire Story201 course around this book. If you write, if you paint, if you consider yourself an artist in anyway, get this book. 

Anathema - I met K.A. Tucker via twitter and have linked to a few of her other books here. Anathema was her first and such an incredible twist on the typical vampire tale. Fans of Discovery of Witches would enjoy the story. 

The Liturgical Year - Coming from a place where I knew nothing of the liturgical calendar, I loved this book. Highly recommended, especially if you want to learn more.  

The Rock That is Higher: Story as Truth - This was definitely not my favorite Madeleine L'Engle, Walking on Water takes that position. But there were some really good sections in here I appreciated. 

 books still reading :: 

East of Eden, John Steinbeck (my yearly re-read)
To Bless the Space Between Us, John O' Donohue
The Cloister Walk, Kathleen Noriss
Penguins and Golden Calves, Madeleine L'Engle
remembered rapture, bell hooks
The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron
The True Secret of Writing, Natalie Goldberg
City of Bones, Cassandra Clare
Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

(yes. I realize this is a long list. I'm multi-tasking. Or something.)  

for the love of poetry ::  

In the time of great tension of splendor, 
I knew not whether I was joy or grief, 
Whether swung out on madness or belief,  
Or some difficult truth to bend—or
Whether it was the relentless thrust
Of withheld poetry bursting my chest. 

(from The Cold NIght, May Sarton) 

music ::  

Have you heard of Lorde? No? Let me introduce you.  

Also, I've been listening to this playlist  a lot because of well...edits. 

Other good listens - The Neighborhood, Daft Punk's Get Lucky (because duh) and Heroes and Monsters by Penny & Sparrow. 

television ::  

I may have started watching Buffy for the first time ever. The first episode, I giggled because Voldemort. By the third episode, I was convinced that I am hooked and that some series are just meant to watch in their entirety decades after they air.  

I'm also watching Orange is the New Black. Watching this series may take longer than normal because even though it's riveting, it's...intense...and so I can only take one or two episodes at a time. 

What shows are you watching? 

  the internets :: 

Bethany Suckrow with Walking the Tightrope totally sucked the air out of my lungs and broke me a bit  -- "It is scary to feel [hope] because it means I’ve made myself vulnerable and admitted that I want something, and by admitting that I want something, that means I have conjured an expectation and the reality is that expectations can shatter in an instant. And my reality is that the thing I wanted most in life, the prayer I prayed hardest for, the thing I invested all my hope in, withered away in my arms. And try as I might to defy it, I absolutely internalized that experience. My mom died, and the part of me that believed Good Things Can Happen feels dead and buried with her."

And then I read In Which We Do It Anyway from Sarah Bessey and it put me back together kind of --  "Ireneus wrote that the glory of God is man fully alive, and we all need you to be fully alive for your life. It will matter in the world, more than you can imagine or dream perhaps, a ripple effect going on and on, touching the other shore, but it will also matter because you matter. You bear the image of God." 

Also? Read When This is About Insecurity and Writing Books from Preston Yancey because I swear when I read the words because Christians aren't sarcastic or self-deprecating. Ever. I laughed until I cried and then did a Holy Ghost dance because yes. This post rings true. So much.

Finally, please don't miss Ebenezer on the Internet by Seth Haines :: "I am growing weary of the internet and social media. There is the good stuff, no doubt. There is also the clanging clamoring, the ranting and railing, the shaming words. The words. There is no great lack of words for consumption. Words. Words. Words. There are Tweets upon Tweets and statuses upon statuses. Words. Status. Words. Tweet. More words. Status. Tweet. Blog post. My blog post. My tweet. My status. Advertisement. Tweet tweet."

on  the blog :: 

Grief bludgeoned and tangled and burnt away all the pieces that just don't fit. And some of it still hurts. And some places will have scars.  

But I'm done being the poster-child for anything other than what I know He's called me to do. And so I'll write and I'll breathe and I'll love and I'll hope and I'll mother and I'll whisper push-push-push when it's time for your own words to have their birth.  -  Here I Raise My Ebenezer

everything else :: 

Best birthday idea ever? Private party at LUSH Cosmetics. I may do this every year. 

Best birthday idea ever? Private party at LUSH Cosmetics. I may do this every year. 

  • feeling the sand in between my toes and hearing Mama Ocean's roar
  • happy hour(s) with JR, Antonia and Shaney
  • new books  
  • planning the curriculum and goodness of story 201, available to those who've completed story 101 and want to write their damn book already.
  • collaborating with some talented writers and dreamers and pushing out an incredible book for those of you with kids, those who want kids and even those without kids  - check it out?
  • sending off a reviewer-made-friend as she leaves the country with tex-mex and a perfect Austin vibe
  • incredible friends who make kick-ass editors
  • finishing the edits to Every Shattered Thing and realizing this was the book I was meant to write when I began it four and a half years ago...
  • spending time with the Louthans and #thehappiestboy Eli 

Linking up with the wonderful Leigh Kramer and her What I'm Into series. 

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