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The lesson of Him making all things new isn't something I'm just now realizing. He's mentioned it to me a time or two before—how He's in the business of a different kind of redeeming, one that juts up against our self-inflated know-how.

Now I'm just beginning to finally believe it.

If you've been around here for any time at all, you know my book deal turned out to be less than what I hoped. Come Alive, in all of it's imperfect glory, would be what you call a publishing disaster. 


[and this is where I'm reminded all things]

Last week, I sat with some friends-who-are-like-family and told them about my current struggle - trying to figure out why editing Come Alive feels so much like pulling teeth. 

And toward the end of my own fumbling through words and fighting back the tears because what I was really doing was admitting a defeat of some kind, my friend looked at me and said, "what you need is to trust. God can redeem even this. And don't stop writing. The enemy is going to try all kinds of different ways to pull you from your calling. And I haven't been reading you long, but from what little I have even I know this is what you're meant to do..." 

Those words spoke healing to places I didn't even know were wounded.

So I'm taking some time to really articulate what it is I want for Come Alive. I'm allowing my heart to grieve the disappointment of receiving a raw deal from people who should have known better. I'm believing in something other for my writing, too - a new agent, a new publisher, a new manuscript. All miracles in their own right.

But these miracles mean nothing if I don't put some elbow grease into them. 

Can God turn a situation around over night? Absolutely. I could get a phone call from an agent before I even finish this blog post. But in my experience, He likes to see us work out our calling in fear and trembling. This is no wine and dine type of faith, you know.

So I'm researching. I'm digging in deep and figuring out how to make Come Alive the best [newbutnotsonew] book you've ever read. And next week, I'll be writing about publishing and what I know and what I'm working through and what I wish someone would have told me way-back-when at the very beginning. I hope you join me.

What are some of your dreams you've let fester? What thoughts and hopes lie dormant? Leave a comment and be entered to win this print from my incredibly talented friend Mandy Thompson. Your dreams are not invisible. Perhaps it's time to embrace them?


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Posted on April 12, 2013 .