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pimp my writing... no Pulitzer prize winning author. I haven't been placed on the shortlist for the Booker prize. I'm pretty sure those people don't even know I exist.

And that's okay.

I remember sitting in my grandmother's spare bedroom when I was younger - typing away at her computer. I must have created thousands of scenes and hundreds of chapters on that rusty machine. I loved creating stories. I loved getting lost in the rhythmic sound of my fingers tapping the keys - making a cadence all their own. I think, looking back on my life, this is where my love affair with words began.

I was never brave enough to share what I wrote with others, though. I took creative writing classes in school & the teachers always said "you have a gift, need to pursue this." I will always remember the encouragement of my sophomore Creative Writing teacher - he pushed me into the grittiness of life. It was in his class I learned that my writing didn't always have to be happy & flowery. Sometimes, life sucks. And sometimes, writing about how much life sucks is pretty therapeutic. I'd like to think it's because of him I aim for my writing to be authentic.

Lately, though...I've been thinking. Perhaps it's time to stick my neck out a little.

I'm beginning to feel the need to take a risk.

I just found out a couple months ago that Idaho Magazine picked up one of my articles I submitted to them. It's about my great grandfather & my name sake - my grandmother. After editing via email, I was told that not only were they going to run the piece - but it's going to be one of the feature stories.

I think I realized something then...I can do this.

So, I'm not award winning author & I don't have a manuscript tucked away somewhere that will change the course of literary history.


I have words. And I have stories. And, I am finally beginning to understand these stories are meant to be shared.

I need a bit of help, though.

That's right. You just got suckered in to my dream.

If you write, and I hope you do, have you ever considered freelancing?

If you have experience in freelancing, what are you top tips for novices such as myself?

AND. If you are in the bidnis o' magazines or wanna, you know...hire me?

Posted on August 7, 2009 .