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These days, words don't come easy. I get them in my head - no doubt. Ideas start swarming and words start crashing against each other in an effort to find some freedom in my pen, but there's no follow-through. I stare at the computer screen, at a loss of how to complete the transfer.

Or I get interrupted. More than ever, I fully understand the importance of carving out time from your busy schedule in order to write. Creating something out of nothing takes time - and it seems like lately, time disappears. I miss the consistency of watching words turn into sentences turn into paragraphs whenever time gets the best of me. Makes me wonder what else I am letting go.

I close my eyes and breathe deep. Words and scenes and characters make their way to the front of my mind, bouncing erratically and smiling for me to notice.

"Do not forget our story!" they seem to holler at me.

I place my hands gingerly on the keyboard and smile. "Don't worry," says my inner Editor, the one who lays claim on everything I write and create, "I won't let her. There's far too many stories she has yet to tell."

Posted on March 8, 2010 .