101 Blog Post Ideas for Authors

I get it. Not only do you have to think about building discipline within your writing craft, you also need to keep moving forward with your manuscript nd keep an online presence somewhat active. That means writing in your book and writing online. 

Feels impossible most days, yeah?

I'm all about going where your core genius takes you, and I know plenty of authors who aren't blogging anymore. But. If you're like me and just can't say no to this online space, let me help you out. 

How I would use this list: there are over 100 topics here and a lot of them can be broken into multiple posts. Definitely enough for one per week for an entire year. When you're feeling stuck, grab the one that resonates. Or, just move down the list. As always: make it your own. That's where your voice really shines. 

xoxo and happy blogging! 

  1. What parts of the book writing process make you feel alive, joyful, and creative?
  2. The Five People You Admire in Your Industry (and Why)
    >> PRO TIP :: these five people could be interviews in the future which would include FIVE MORE POSTS
  3. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an author? What did you learn through this challenge?
  4. Fill in the blank: Lessons that have changed the way I _____________________.
  5. What questions should people ask themselves before jumping into writing a book?
  6. Write about three ways people talk themselves out of writing.
  7. My Top 10 Favorite Books and Why They Rocked My World
  8. How to Build a Manuscript Playlist
  9. Why is Indie Publishing Important?
  10. Why did YOU choose indie publishing?
  11. A peek into your process (for me, this could be snapshots of notes I’m taking while writing or editing)
  12. Write a Post Filled with Resources for Writers
  13. Fill in the blank: Why __________ Matters to Me.
  14. The Three People Who Support Me the Most in Writing
    >> AGAIN: possible interviews = 3 more blog posts!
  15. Why it’s Okay to ___________________
  16. Top Three Books or eCourses that Have Impacted Your Writing
  17. Answer a Question from a Reader
  18. A Day in the Life of (Your Name)
  19. Look over your last five blog posts and see which one resonated the most. Replicate the post into a new one.
  20. Review a book that fits within your genre.
  21. Take some time to look through magazines. Keep your journal next to you. Write down every single blog post idea that comes to you because of a picture or article. Add those ideas to your folder on your computer. Write about one of them today.
  22. Write about the last book you read.
  23. How do you think indie authors could improve the industry?
  24. Fill in the blank: There is nothing wrong with your ________________.
  25. Write about how you use description or figurative language or syntax within your writing. When did you begin noticing the way words string together? (You know what? There’s two blog posts here….not just one)
  26. Write about the most unique character you’ve ever written. What makes them unique? How did they surprise you?
  27. Write about the most unique character you’ve ever read. What makes them unique? How did they surprise you?
  28. What mistakes have you made in publishing? Write about one of them.
  29. Write about why you love your current manuscript so much
  30. Fill in the blank: Things that are making me feel totally _________________.
  31. A No-Brainer Checklist for _________________.
  32. How to Choose the Right Book to Read
  33. I Met My Hero, ____________ and Here’s What I Learned.
  34. From the Cutting Floor — deleted scenes and ideas and (if you’re particularly brave) moments of severe editing (this could turn into a series)
  35. Write a Letter to Your Readers
  36. Write about something controversial within the industry. Be bold with your opinion.
  37. Make a bucket list for your books + writing.
  38. Blog about something you enjoy that doesn’t immediately relate to your brand. Show your readers a different side of you they haven’t seen.
  39. Fill in the blank: Why I’m No Longer Satisfied With ___________ and what I’m Doing About it.
  40. What about your location inspires your work?
  41. 10 Reasons You Should Hire an Editor
  42. Write a poem
  43. Favorite TV shows? How are they inspiring you in writing?
  44. Pull a comment from your blog to use as a blog post
  45. A Room of One’s Own: Write a post about where you write — your office, your couch, your bed — explain why THIS space is YOUR space.
  46. Blog about something you’re particularly serious about within your niche.
  47. Interview someone else! (These are great for collaboration + reciprocity)
  48. Share sources of inspiration or the story behind the story (for example — Every Shattered Thing began as a way for me to tell the story of a girl we mentored and it turned into something completely different)
  49. What you’ve learned from criticism / poor reviews (WARNING: be careful not to name, vilify or focus on any one specific review. Take this as a general approach and not laser-sharp).
  50. Share something a little more personal. Your childhood, how you grew to love writing, a bit about your family — draw back the curtain a little bit and let your readers see you.
  51. The Five Ways I’ve Learned How to Succeed in the Midst of Failure
  52. What music is currently on your writing soundtrack?
  53. The Top Free Apps I Use for my Writing and Why I Think They’re the Best
  54. Write a post that fits within the current season — like how to keep your word count up during the holidays
  55. What’s Currently Inspiring Me
  56. Nonfiction topics related to your manuscript (ie: sex trafficking numbers during Super Bowl weekend for Every Shattered Thing) This sort of thing works really, really well if a current event parallels with your plot!
  57. How to Create Your Own BookClub
  58. Create questions book clubs can use about your book
  59. How do you stay organized as a writer?
  60. Pull from your list of blog ideas. Write the one that gets you most excited.
  61. Six Ways I’m Creative Outside of Writing
  62. Update an older blog post with new and relevant information. Share it.
  63. Write About Work + Family Balance
  64. What do you hope the industry will look like in ten years? What are your dreams not only for yourself but the publishing world as a whole?
  65. Write micro fiction.
  66. How do you choose titles for your books? Fill us in that process.
  67. Explain the difference between editing and revision.
  68. Create an eBook out of a previous series you’ve done on the blog, and then write about that process
  69. Invest in Soundcloud and read your book / manuscript and create audio files of your book in progress / manuscript.
  70. Share your why — behind reading, writing, blogging, a particular manuscript
  71. How did you choose your editor?
  72. Share your playlist and why certain songs fit within certain scenes
  73. How do you overcome writers’ block?
  74. Highlight your favorite writing websites
  75. Reach out to a local indie bookseller about selling your book and write about your experience
  76. What’s your marketing philosophy? Write about it.
  77. The Five Biggest Distractions I Have in Writing and How I’m Dealing With Them
  78. How Journaling Saves my Writing
  79. The Biggest Myth about Publishing
  80. Write a love letter to other writers and authors
  81. The Three Mistakes Every Writer Makes on the First Manuscript
  82. Tell us how you came up with character names in your novels
  83. If you use Pinterest for book writing, fill us in on that process.
  84. How did you come up with the setting for your book? How do you go about using the setting as an essential character?
  85. Research Amazon and other indie sellers and share your findings
  86. How do you create believable dialogue? Share your tips.
  87. Take us through the process of developing a believable villain
  88. Formatting: do you do it yourself? If so, give us some hints! If not, how did you find your formatter?
  89. Discuss the difference between manuscript POVs — which one do you tend to write from most often and why?
  90. If you work full time, how do you balance working and writing?
  91. If you write full time, how do you balance life and writing? (This is good even if you work full time, really)
  92. How to create a blogging schedule
  93. How do you create content with purpose and intention?
  94. How do you find your writing voice?
  95. Write about the moment you completed your first manuscript. How did it feel?
  96. Write about the moment your first book was published. How did it sell? What did you do to celebrate? What are things you learned?
  97. Why did you decide to write in the genre you’re writing in currently?
  98. A List of your favorite books this year. Be specific on why you like them.
  99. How do you handle rejection and disappointment as an author?
  100. Write about your TBR list and why you’re excited about the books.
  101. The Time I Almost Gave Up….And What Kept Me Going.

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