Nine Things You May Not Know About Secrets Don't Keep

  1. Originally, Secrets Don't Keep was going to be a book about high school cheerleaders. I may still write that book, but this one turned into something completely different. This happens often with my books while I'm writing. I'll have a foundation for the plot, but something will just feel as if it's missing. When everything came together, I realized including the high school cheerleading plot point wouldn't work as well as I originally hoped. Which is fine because — there's another book idea. ::wink:: 
  2. I was at a dinner with friends when someone mentioned “secret society” and everything just clicked. I knew I had the missing piece. I went home that evening and wrote the first scene with Kera and Dex in the school library. 
  3. Plot wasn't the only thing that shifted with this book. The setting also changed. Grove originally was in Atlanta, Georgia. When I was researching, I knew it needed to be somewhere else. I considered Providence, Rhonde Island. But, I have another book that will be set in the northeast, so I opted for Asheville — a place I’ve visited once and loved. As soon as I started doing more research I knew it was the right locale.
  4. My husband read the manuscript as I was writing it. It was the first time I had him reading alongside me writing. Nothing made me want to write the best book possible then knowing he would be reading it. He loves the book as much as I do, and that of course makes me love him even more. He is probably the biggest reason I finished because of his “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” questions. This book wouldn't have been the same without his help coming up with cuisine that would actually be served at La Boheme's gatherings. 
  5. I seriously thought this book would be a standalone. My betas changed my mind. Kera and Dex's story is far from over.
  6. I got Season’s name from a Cosmopolitan magazine ad.
  7. I was almost finished with the book when I heard an Invisibilia podcast on quantum entanglement that blew my mind and forced me to reconsider the ending I originally planned.
  8. A piece of advice you’ll often hear is to keep your book free of pop culture references that could date it within a certain time period. HOWEVER. I think this is a bunch of nonsense and love filling my stories with as many references as possible. 
  9. That being said, one of my favorite scenes is where I drop BOTH a Harry Potter and a Fast and the Furious reference. I’m not even ashamed. (#ripPaulWalker)
Posted on February 9, 2016 and filed under Indie Publishing.