A Definition.

This is a post about flipping the script.

There are a lot of thoughts out there about what makes a writer.

A daily discipline. 
A published something.
A prestigious degree. 
A list of accolades. 

And it's so easy for us to buy into them. It's so easy for conversations to naturally bend toward oh well, I'm not really a writer or yeah it's just a hobby or oh you're a writer? But like...what do you really do? 

This is a post for writers on the run.

You don't have a daily discipline, but when the words come they fall pointed. They sizzle with heat and purpose. You haven't published anything, but you dream of people seeing your words — recognizing them and knowing they belong to you. You don't have a prestigious degree, but you know what makes a sentence sing. You don't have a list of accolades, either. 

In fact, you may have your fair share of moments where people shake their head and whisper, "yeah but writing? You're not a writer...." 

If you've ever felt the weight of words sitting on your chest, if you've ever felt your throat grow tight because you're swallowing a story you're meant to tell, if you've ever been moved to the page because you just have something you need to say....you're a writer.

You don't have to have dreams of publishing a book in order to claim the name writer. You don't have to spend your time creating characters and working on blog posts to fit the bill, either.

All you need is a love of words and the desire to tell a story well. 

You don't need to hide the shadows anymore. This is your permission to take the stage and speak into the mic — I am a writer.

And spoiler: you don't need my permission at all. What you have — what you need — is already inside you. But I think you already know this.

It may be a whisper at first, I understand. It may even take a few tries for you to really let the truth sink into your bones. But I want to flip the script on what it means to write, because there are no gatekeepers for the story in your bones.

Whether you're an entrepreneur aching to find a way to tell your story to your clients, 
or you're a budding novelist just waiting for the right publisher to find your words, 
or you're a tired soul weary for just 30 minutes of time spent journaling, 

You are a writer.

Go ahead....say it. 

I'll wait. 

Posted on September 11, 2015 and filed under Building Your Craft.