First impressions mean everything. It's why consulting services are going crazy. People want to make sure they're putting their best words on display for those who visit their site. It took awhile for me to find my voice and when I did, I struggled with the tension of what I thought a blogger should be vs. what I knew my strengths in voice rested. Finally, after a gut check and a few head-desk realizations, I embraced this messy-middle of art and faith and writing and what it means to embrace the darkness in order to find the light.

Blogging Activity :: 

Take a look at your partner's website. What is it you first notice about the design? What do you gather from the about page?

Read a few posts and spend some time digging in their archives. Based on what you read, how would you describe this person's voice? What is the main purpose for the blog? Who seems to be the audience?

Most importantly :: what do you know of the person based on what she's shared?

Note :: I think it's an important distinction to make that just because a person chooses to keep the hidden skeletons of the closet tucked behind closed doors doesn't mean the blog will be any less appealing. You can still keep secrets and draw an audience. You can still show vulnerability and protect those who intersect with your story.

Once you're finished perusing your partner's blog, shoot them an email with your thoughts. Be honest in what you've found and in what you feel is the voice she's portraying on her blog. For those of you who are super brave, you may even cite specific examples in which you felt she was holding tightest to the Truth of the words inside her and posts in which it felt she may have just thrown words together (or) the authenticity seemed slightly contrived.

Once you receive the notes from your partner, detach yourself long enough to consider the dichotomy of the assessment vs. what you feel your voice portrays. What's the difference? Is there any? What do you need to do to get where you want to be based on your answers to the questions in your dose of encouragement email?

Try to have this done by Sunday at the latest. We'll move forward on our next topic on Monday.

As always, discussions on the Facebook page about the activity encouraged.